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Most Believers Are Not Believing Past John 3:16, What is next? You should know!
Jul 08, 2022

The Off-Grid Plant Man

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Today I want to give some revelation on John 3:17!! I am convinced that the Body of Christ is stuck at John 3:16 with only the salvation message. They don't actually know why we are here. They don't know if God is destroying the planet or reconciling it.

They don't know if he so loves the planet, or if he so needs to destroy it. And this confusion needs to be fixed quick, and with your help it will be. Share out these broadcasts and do your part, or something, to help bring the will of Heaven to earth in Jesus name!

Make sure to check out my website - and get more connected, check out the Kingdom University a free downloadable Kingdom training, also check out my new book on audio "Born Again As Kings" and get on my email list for more truth that sets nations free! May God bless you with wisdom in Christ as you seek him with your whole heart!

Jesus is Lord!

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