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Welcome To The Winners Broadcast - Let's Talk Today About Thriving In The Concrete Jungles
Jan 17, 2023

The Winners Broadcast

Join me for this new adventure in video broadcasting! I have been podcasting through audio for...



Many of us know we need to be off grid, some of us are, and some of us must actually work in these concrete jungles. In this episode we will talk about how you can thrive in these cities, while we work to get back to the land.

Today I want to welcome you to the new broadcast "The Winners Broadcast" where we talk about how to WIN.

Yes we are well aware of the enemies plan and we will be discussing it, however the plan of God is the plan that will prevail!

Today we will be talking about how to stay strong while living in these cities!

We talk about amino acids and their importance..

We talk about how to protect against radiation in a unique way..

Also we will discuss briefly a different perspective on the whole "died suddenly" topic..

I have been broadcasting audio through a podcast for around 7 years. The podcast is titled "Kingdom Business Lifestyle." However I feel led to begin this video channel! Make sure to save this channel page and get on my email and phone list to get notified @

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