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CZ 75 P-01 Review
Apr 19, 2022


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  • I looked at one today at a local gun shop. They're a nice pistol, and very affordable.

  • I've been EDC one of these for a year, now. I purchased it used (very little used, though) on accident on Gunbroker after putting in what I thought was an unrealistic bid, sure not to win it. It is a 2020 manufacture and the previous owner put Dawson tritium night sights on it and replaced the plastic guide rod with stainless. I'm not sure what else, if anything, was done to it. It's been an awesome little pistol. I like it way better than the subcompacts, and it carries very nicely. The ergonomics are awesome I have XL hands and it just tucks right into my palm like it belongs there.

    The OEM Mec-gar 15 round mags have been pretty much unobtanium. The CZ branded mags are around $45/ea., which are made by Mec-gar. Fortunately, the regular CZ mags fit it. I picked up a 16 round CZ mag made in Israel for $20 and it went through 100 rounds with no problems at the range.

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