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In This Chaotic Time, Have a Positive Mind | Free Thinkers Podcast | Ep 42
May 16, 2022

Free Thinkers Podcast

Welcome to the Free Thinkers podcast. This is the show that believes in free speech, original...



On this episode of the Free Thinkers Podcast, we talk about how to keep a positive mindset in the middle of all the chaos surrounding us. From the Ukraine debacle and the food shortages to the abortion debate and government corruption, we need to have a way to create balance in our minds and in our daily lives. With practical advice on how to take action on the knowledge of our broken world, we’re here to encourage you to starve the negativity and feed the positivity. All that and more on this episode.

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Free Thinkers Podcast is a show that believes in free speech, original thought and a desire for truth.

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