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Twitter is Acquired and Free Speech Aspires? | Free Thinkers Podcast | Ep 39
Apr 26, 2022

Free Thinkers Podcast

Welcome to the Free Thinkers podcast. This is the show that believes in free speech, original...



On this episode of the Free Thinkers Podcast, Elon Musk buys Twitter and the liberals melt down. Now, without censorship, they’ll be challenged and made to present true data, clinical research and peer reviewed studies rather than simply run on feelings and emotion. I also cover the power grab of the mask mandate, Obama’s attempt to censor speech and I challenge everyone to be light and bring joy to someone this week. All that and more on this episode.

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Free Thinkers Podcast is a show that believes in free speech, original thought and a desire for truth.

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  • You might be looking for the word "Expires'?... or what is it Free Speech is aspiring to would you say?

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  • Kudos for a fine production.!! Also forwarded my GAB post to Twitter, which I just returned to after a long hiatus. :-)

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