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Everything wrong with the capitol shooting in 21 minutes or less
Feb 09, 2021




Video analysis of Jan. 6th from WOOZ News deleted from youtube

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  • It is really sad that out of all of thoes people, not one has come forward to confess because their conscious is eating them alive. I would be sick with guilt by now if I had been involved in that crap. I was a firefighter and EMT for many years and we did hundreds of drills to simulate all kinds of emergency situations for practice. If I found out that a drill was a set up to punish an innocent person, my stomach would be in knott's and I would be making the truth be heard. Great job on the video. I think you are correct and about to be one popular guy. I have been with a few people when they died and their body turns to jello and every muscle and tendon release making it much harder to carry or lift the body. As serious and criminal as this whole set up is you would think every little detail would have been perfected. They obviously have doctor's in their pocket, they couldn't find one to be in charge of the shot victim and make sure she is convincing? Or they just think that little of us or just don't care because no punishment comes from getting caught. Wow I really don't know how anyone who had anything to do with this sleeps at night. Awesome game changing video👍🤓 thanks for having the courage to put it together. God bless you.

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