Dec 27, 2021

Alex Jones

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...



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  • Much love and respect Alex. It must be a huge pressure on you and your wife what you do. Saying prayers for you.

  • Drugs of any kind are dangerous even if they are so called "prescriptions".....I've seen people go psychotic on Ritalin....

  • Those drugs really don't help, I don't think. But we trust our doctors to know what the medications they prescribe do, and our doctors trust that Big Pharma isn't pushing a bunch of crap on them and their patients...

  • Sorry Alex I really am....

  • I think he was being facetious - he used the term “Big Pharma.” Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Some people are greatly helped with medications, though I agree they are too heavily relied upon rather than very effective therapies that insurance won’t pay for. Actually the demonic possession theory is not outlandish! Threw off 2 officers? Eek

  • Alex needs to get his life together.

  • electro-magnetic transmissions can heat body to 101.4 and cause rage in individuals. You rock, Alex, been seeing your truth reporting since 2002.

  • I can honestly say that I have been in this EXACT situation. Psychiatrists most of the time just make things worse. It can change you into a different person and it's scary. There are weeks of my life I can't even remember. I commend you as a husband. My husband never left me through all the crap and it paid off now that I am stable. No man can separate what God put together. I will be praying for you and your wife.

  • Blessings on you and all your loved ones.

  • Use cannabis. Those toxic SSRI, SNRI and other anti-psychotic crap reeks havoc on the nervous system. I had a doc put me on Effexor when it first came out, and I felt like I was going to die every night before bed. After 2 weeks I told the doctor, forget it! Later it was linked to deaths, and suicides. What people don't understand is the mechanism in which these Big Pharm Psychotropic drugs work. You don't want a chemical agent in your body competing for, or inhibiting natural Peripheral Nervous System responses. This is like robbing your body of it's electrical functions, and disrupting natural biological rhythm. Think of an anti-psychotic as VX Nerve agent. They work similar. VX Nerve agent works to compete with synapses chemicals, like Serotonin, basically stealing the neural chemicals you need to function autonomically (you know those things your body does automatically, like heart beating, digestion, ect). So you 'Sputter' like a car running out of fuel. Your internals are fighting to survive, trying to produce enough neural chems to keep your body alive, yet simultaneously being robbed just as fast of the neural chems by the anti-psychotic drug you consumed. It literally rips you apart from inside, you go into convulsions, your brain is on overload about to POP! It's wickedly sick to do that to God's temple! Why not take a hammer and beat yourself on the head to death? Now numbing the nerves is different. It's not robbing your crucial synapses chems, it's just making them function more sluggish -- like alcohol. Cannabis works totally different in that your nerve endings have 'Receptors' for CBD, and THC. Meaning your body was MADE to receive these cannabis components -- like mother nature ordered. Not the same for Luciferin Big Pharm, who WANT to kill you with their drugs which have NO place in your body, but rather act as an antagonist to your bodily functions. CBD's work great for pains, like muscle, bone, ect. THC works for mental health. Get her on some good sativa flower, and she won't fight anyone -- guaranteed. (lol) She won't feel like fighting, more like smiling, and she'll be more pleasant.

    God made our bodies to work out issues of living life, but putting shit from evil big pharm in our bodies work to hinder growth and recovery. Toxic Big Pharm remedies are made to make you slowly die off never to work out your ailment -- Sound Familiar? * few more boosters should do the trick * I bet you $100 they know around-abouts how many years are taken off ones life after each jab!

  • Take time. Take care, Alex, to you, your wife, and family. Thanks for being upfront.

  • It sounds like demonic possession, especially because of the fake Christianity you're involved with. If you're serious about this, get in contact with the folks over at . They're not associated with Antipope Francis and the globalists; for the sake of your wife and your children, do it.

  • Dump her, Alex, you don't need unnecessary problems

  • Wtf!? He just said thank you to big pharma!

  • Did you just say "thank you Big Pharma for all you do?" (jaw drop)

  • Prayers for you and the family! Peace!

  • So sorry your family business got aired. Thank you though, for letting us know things are on the upswing. God Bless.


  • Alex in Sweden in the mid 90s I think it was, a wave of really terrible murders suicides and other things were happening in Sweden like never before and it was on the news pappers every single day, a few month later an investigating journalist discovered the connection to those horrific crimes and deaths with a new antidepressant drug that was massibly being prescribe to people with anxiety and moderate depression, well it ended up with murder and suicides the medication was taken out of the market after a few more articles was written about the medication, and then it went death silence, now big pharma is getting it out under a new name to the market of things...

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