Battle Lines Being Drawn In A New Civil War
Sep 10, 2021

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Battle Lines Being Drawn In A New Civil War

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  • There is but one solution to the Joe Biden problem.

  • You’re a fucking retard. And an asset.

  • Yes, we must secede.

  • Part of it Mogtep, the foundations need to be defunded, their money seized. The foreign purchase of American assets like real estate must be confiscated. China is collateralizing the yuan against debt on US assets, but we're already maxed out with our own fiat. Charles Manson was jailed for influencing others to murder so why not big tech? Antifa is a private army. Trump is a failed president because he didn't want to hurt anybody. Now we're all hurting. It starts with counter espionage. It's time for our institutions to declare sides. Keep up the political pressure but don't hold back the pushback. Protest the mandates and lockdowns and passports en masse. Don't be NICE!

  • Rather than wage a civil war to harm our fellow Americans, our efforts should be termed as a revolution, the aim being to remove NWO tyrants and agents of foreign governments from our halls of government.

  • ‘A day late ‘n a dollar short’

  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion , the plan for Global Rule is being followed to the letter by the Global Zionist Jews. In that plan they state that they will cause a Civil War to weaken our government so like was done in Russia in 1917 they take over. Marx was Jewish.

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