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Biden's Gaffe Compilation
May 28, 2021

Alex Jones

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...



Lady's And Gentleman: Your President of the United States

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  • When dopey lost his chin diaper, "DR" Jill should have handed him her panties. He'd put em' on. Sheer and crotchless, he'd have a crappy string dangling by his neck and his nose sticking out the cooter slot.

  • This is funny but so very sad at the same time. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for using this poor sick old man for their own agenda.

  • Regardless of what a person's cognitive state is, laughing at someone's cognitive decline is the lowest of the low. Shameful and truly despicable. Clearly, some people's moms did a poor job of educating them!

  • And what we're supposed to believe won the presidency of the United States in the last election due to 'popular vote'. Give me a FUC*ING break! This rice pudding eating, clueless, feckless, corrupt, scandalous bastard is successful in one thing only: making this country the laughing stock of the world.

  • The United States is now officially the laughingstock of the entire planet. It makes me embarrassed, as a 100% combat disabled Marine veteran of Beirut, because it makes my service and sacrifice to this country meaningless.

  • PeJoe doesn't make "Gaffe's". Like, seriously??

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