California Goes Crazy For Roger Stone
Jul 21, 2021

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...


California Goes Crazy For Roger Stone

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  • pure propaganda and there are a lot of morons out there who have no clue how evil these people are... stone is a long time DEEP STATE SHILL FOR THE GOP DEMONS... he is also hungarian mafia which is the most brutal mafia and they dont care about family like the real mafia.... they are trash... stone is grifting dog shit...

  • Roger Stone is a CFR ruling elite ass kissing lackey whose claim to fame started started by working on the mayoral campaign for Council on Foreign Relations William F. Buckley Jr. in New York on weekends in 1965. Buckley would go on to screw up Conservatism.

    Why the “Witness” of Whittaker Chambers Is Still Relevant 

    Chambers was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations a good buddy of his was William Buckley another CFR member who screwed up conservatism & turned it into a globalist tool  

    The Dark Side of CFR member William F. Buckley, Jr.

    Now if Stone had his Nixon tattoo on his ass he might deserve a pardon otherwise the country would be better off with Stones ass in jail -- he's a POS bottom feeder making a living off of screwing up the USA

    Stone is A self-described “dirty trickster” and “agent provocateur,” Stone has taken credit for uncovering the prostitution scandal that brought down Stone, 67, is a colorful Republican political operative, known for his high-end wardrobe and tattoo on his back of former CFR member President Richard Nixon.

    Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in 2008. In 2016, Stone was the only source quoted on the record in a National Enquirer article claiming that Senator Ted Cruz, then a Trump campaign rival, had five secret mistresses. Cruz denied the claims.

    Stone advised Trump when the wealthy real estate developer toyed with running for president in 2000 and briefly worked on Trump’s successful 2016 campaign.

    Steve Bannon, who served as the campaign’s chief executive, testified that Stone boasted about his connections to the WikiLeaks website, which released damaging emails about Trump’s Democratic election rival Hillary Clinton that U.S. intelligence officials have concluded were stolen by Russian hackers.

    The Dirty Trickster Campaign tips from a CFR ruling elite ass licking lackey who has done it all.

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