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First Video Of Human Animal Hybrid Leaked?
Oct 07, 2021

Alex Jones

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First Video Of Human Animal Hybrid Leaked?

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  • they banned alex jones becouse he told you the truth. look at that picture tell me EVIL IS NOT RAMPANT HERE stand or watch freedom a goodness fall

  • Info Wars and nut job Alex Jones just keep stooping lower and lower and....

  • Wtf is with the whisper at the end of the video? " Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated..." πŸ˜† Really? No.

  • Look at the background: This is not a lab experiment. This is mutant not unlike this one here...

    Mutant pig with deformed 'human-like' face caught on camera in China

    —𝐃𝐋 𝐓𝐨π₯π₯𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐧 γ€€

  • This is epically obvious bull shit, and this is why I can't use any valid Info Wars vids to enlighten doubters about the Jab's lethality. Congratulations! You just made us all look like tinfoil shmucks.

  • First of all, it might be a little more convincing if the people holding this piglet weren't speaking Spanish. That leads me to believe that this is NOT in the U.S. Then, it's just a deformed piglet. It happens all the time. Especially in third world countries, where I believe this was filmed...

  • It's an amateur video, non-lab setting,...however, why is this even being questioned as anything but that?, could it be as a distraction?, a dis-information thang to cover the real thing that the DARPA folks, or a more secret group would undoubtedly be messing with given their evil ways and history of involvement in dastardly deeds. you never know who's going to promote a false narrative.

  • This is a pig with a birth defect folks, everyone calm down xD

  • Ladies and Gentlemen.. this is how democrats are being spawned into this world... and after just 20+ plastic surgeries... et voila.. we have Obama.

  • Most likely a naturally occurring genetic mutation. This wasn't a lab setting and I'm certain those talking in the background aren't capable of spicing genes. Use logic people. If this was being shown off inside a lab by a couple of people in lab coats at least the setting and people would be indicative of a genetic hybrid.

  • Wander whos next when they claime to move solus from one body to next.

  • Good LORD! Almighty Father in Heaven, help us please. Do something about people who are doing this.

  • We cast you out, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every onslaught of the infernal adversary, every legion, every diabolical group and sect, in the name and by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • We already have a few of those work in the government.

  • This is sick. I hope the people who created these things burn in hell.

  • That appears to me to be some kind of mutated goat and that is certainly not a lab. It's some kind of dump.

  • This is a nightmare. This is hell. These people have no soul.

  • WTF is this thing?

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