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Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines - Everyone Must Listen!
Aug 16, 2021

Alex Jones

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Dr. Yeadeon warns of the dangers of new mRNA technology.

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  • The regular vaccines are not safe it's the number 1 cause for autism and Alzheimer's as well as arthritis.

  • There is no way to get this fella out there. Americans are so deceived with msm. Those guys need to go. Where is our military?

  • There is no pandemic. The total mortality statistics for 2018, 2019 in all countries have been similar to 2020. In fact 2017 was a worse year than 2020, it was a bad year for influenza. In 2020 when this corona PLANdemic started all the covid19 deaths were just old people dying of cancer, heart disease, emphysema etc. They were labelled as covid deaths because the PCR test was being used fraudulently. Deceased people WITH a false positive test result were labelled as dying OF covid.

  • Thank you for your courage and the willingness to suffer for our good by telling us the truth.... May God protect you and keep you safe. Paul

  • Was/is there a control group that received a placebo ?

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