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Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized Fully Vaccinated
Aug 09, 2021

Alex Jones

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Alex Jones breaks down the reports from around the globe exposing the hospitals filling with COVID vaccinated patients.

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  • This is quite simply a lie. What we are being told in Australia is that most of the hospitalized are NOT vaccinated. It's loons like Jones that give conspiracy theorists a bad name.

  • a little satire in song and video...really says it all

  • I don't understand. If the virus was made to depopulate, what is the vaccine for?

  • If 90% of the public are vaccinated and 90% of those in the hospitals have been vaccinated... the vaccine doesn't work. If 50% of the people are vaccinated and 95% of those hospitalized are vaccinated it means the vaccine is the cause. Of course, you'd also have to look at what parts of the population were vaccinated: if it was all those with comorbidities, then the vaccine doesn't work. Any way you slice it, either the vaccine doesn't work or it causes the disease.

  • I live in Australia and none of the ICU cases from COVID have been fully vaccinated and only one or two have had one dose. There was one press conference where the official misspoke, vaccinated/unvaccinated, but that was quickly cleared up. There are plenty of good and legitimate reasons to be against the vaccine but sharing false information doesn't help anyone.

  • I know this wont be popular, but as much as I like Alex Jones, I use caution when it comes to religion and discernment with him. I like his politics, but be careful about any religion he pushes. You can hear this when they sell their vitamins. Listen for specific words used in Hinduism and the New Age when they advertise these vitamins. Of course, I am an old retired pastor so what do I know. But I have an obligation to warn others who lack discernment. Of course, I would love to call Alex and tell him, but they dont provide any way to do this. Be careful is my message to Evangelicals.

  • I have researched since the first put the lockdowns upon US. I knew in May 2020 that this whole thing was made and to depopulate. Only watching Gates and his model showing how these vax work, and his famous "Vaccines and Family Planning are the best way to reduce population." Right? He killed many in his shots to tribal people in 3rd World Nations. But Fauci is our modern Dr. Mengele. They both are Evil incarnate.

  • God bless those pharmacists that ruined the covid vax

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