Milley Leads The Chinese Insurrection
Sep 16, 2021

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Woodward and Costa's allegations regarding General Milley reveal the violation of several Uniform Codes of Military Law. A Court Martial would appear to be imminent. In retrospect, Treason and betrayal were hovering around every corner of the Trump Administration. General Milley, Trump's Joint Chief of Staff's contact with his Chinese counterpart assuring him of a warning of attack and organizing a mutiny in lieu of a Nuclear War actually gave China a window of opportunity if they had acted on it. Our national security was in extreme danger. Bob Woodward’s book filled with countless anonymous sources will do nothing to imperil globalist tool Mark MIlley other than rub our faces in the overt coup infiltrating the powers of the Executive office of the President and the will of the American people. We have been occupied. The Insurrection succeeded.

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  • he must want to go down in history as a vile treasonous scumbag.

  • If we, the people, don't get this shit under control and soon, it will escalate to the point where we will never be able to get it under control.

  • Give me 10 minutes with that punk and I'll have him offering up his wife, maryann, to me to stop the pain.

  • General Mildred the outright TRAITOR, HANG HIM HIGH.

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