October 2010: Alex Jones Warns of Project Blue Beam
Oct 13, 2021

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...


Alex Jones exposes the government's plan to distract the public from the implementation of the new world order by faking an alien invasion.

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  • "Alex Jones was right again."

  • why are you so fat? and stop selling people stupid shit

  • I saw 10 ufos (or now we say uavs) about a week after the lockdown. Could they be military? Perhaps, but they did not move like any internal combustion aircraft. Could they have been balloon vehicles? You mean like the 1956 classic, "Around the World in 80 Days?" Guess it could be some kind of airships, but 10 of them? Nah, this was extraordinary event, nothing like I've ever witness before. Additionally, these objects seem to be sentient, and appeared to recognize I was gazing up at them, and postured accordingly. I can see why our fighter pilots can not intercept them. In a Scriptural context, could they have been spiritual entities, whether good or bad, moving across the heavens, perhaps assessing the sudden lockdown situation? Using my objective analysis (and I was somewhat apprehensive at what I was witnessing), these 10 uavs behaved like they were on a tour, with a tour guide, observing the Earth for like 40-45 minutes, then disappeared into space.

    In light of all the inconceivable crap going on with humanity, it would not surprise me if other more advance beings are taking interest in the affairs of primitive humans - ONCE AGAIN - doing stupid shit! After all, there is a whole Galaxy to consider, unless we think God is so small and lazy that he decided to just make the Earth flat.

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