Pentagon Confirms: Heart Inflammation After Covid-19 Shots Higher Than Expected In Study Of U.S. Military
Sep 14, 2021

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  • some people cant be convinced

  • They are targeting males.

    I did some research after hearing that this was happening mainly to boys. What’s the main difference between boys and girls, sex hormones. Seems like testosterone might play a role as well with these injections then.

    A one-minute research turn up the following:

    "Likewise, men and women respond very differently to the same type of damage to the heart as can be caused by certain infections or chemicals/drugs 6. Sex steroid hormones like testosterone and estrogen are able to directly influence cardiac inflammation resulting in more inflammation and scarring (or fibrosis) in men and less in women."

  • a shame there are no hackers willing or able to take over the tv satellites and broadcast the truth to the world.

  • We fight side by side my brother. I want you on my team. May the good forces grant our wish.

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