Powerful Interview! Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Fauci's Cancer Causing Injections
Sep 01, 2021

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Dr. Judy Mikovits of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the cancerous dangers that come with COVID injections and why the people can't trust Tony Fauci.

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  • I have MS, wish I could get my hands on ivermectin!

  • Recently a judge did grant a woman whos husband was in the hospital, ordered the hospital to try ivermectin. She brought it right to court , The judge said, basically , if you are saying that there isn't anything more you can do for him, then why would you deny the right for this woman to try everything possible to save her husband. The Judge took the position of " what could it possibly hurt if you are saying that there is nothing else you can do for your patient" . The judge stated your strong objection of not wanting it used raises concern if you say THERE IS NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO FOR HIM WHICH MEANS HE WILL PASS IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE. So what could possibly be the harm of someone that you have basically said is going to die regardless of what he is treated with, so why not try everything and anything to save him. If it doesn't work then what she has been told will be no more devastating or untrue.

  • Dude, we love you, but can you let the woman speak without interruption....


  • Listen to female Nick Nolte. OHHHHH, that was a joke folks, I love her, she's awesome, but her voice, c'mon, laugh a lil.

  • So just so I have this straight. I have always believed in her but I don't want to get excited about this until I know. Is she saying if you have gotten the so called vaccines which obviously they are not, if you take Ivermectin is could possibly restore the immune system back to the way it should be. I know it alters the God given immune system your born with. I have done tons of research which has included listen to many of videos' with Judy. Starting with her interview at the very beginning of this C19 virus is when I first had knowledge of who she is. So if you know a person which I do , my sister, who has gotten these terrible shots. if she takes Ivermectin can it help her

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  • So I could have taken ivermectin as an alternative treatment of cancer but had a mastectomy instead. For all I know, my work in the medical field and all the shots they made me take caused it.

  • Stop taking flu shots too

  • I think Every American has seen a family member die from cancer and just how evil it is

  • And Fauci is a confessed Jesuit Catholic

  • Americas frontline doctors still give appointments by conference call and prescribe Hydroqloriquine and have a pharmacy to deliver it

  • This lady is a true hero and they ruined her carrier and held her without charges and she warned from the start what they were doing

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