Proof Alex Jones Was Right!
Jul 21, 2021

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...


A timeline of Alex Jones predictions from 1998 to 2014. Topics include the planned bio pandemic, forced inoculations, lockdowns and tracking systems. Tomorrow's News Today.

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  • Alex shook me in 2010 when I saw his programs on the History or Discovery Channel, and though they were trying to make him look like a fool, I saw what he was saying and warning us about was REAL!! That's how long I've been riding this bandwagon. I have a son to protect! And I'm so thankful to Alex for his dedication!

  • Damn.... From way back when... He's been talking about what they are doing today....

  • Those who drop depleted uranium and disfigure an entire generation of innocent people deserve worse. Women in Iraq are advised by their doctors not to have children because they will most likely be born deformed or dead. God bless Rockefeller for delivering justice.

  • Imagine if Infowars could break through that glass wall and realize it's the Bolshevik jews and NOT Hitler. Hitler was a national response to what the same democrat socialist bolsheviks are doing RIGHT NOW.

  • I saw the video of Gates in same breathe speak of world's population, being too big ,, ( in same breath) that as long as everyone gets the JAB we will be on track.. .. This article proves to me what I took from that was on point.. Holy Shit Batman... The CCP & the Billionaires are tryng to erase people from face of earth.. well They are succeeding ... How is the Biden Cartel .. come to be able to punish America 1st line of thought take power of the United States of America ... Absolute Proof .. Absolute Interference .. Arizona .. Prove it was the CCP.. How much longer before there is accountability for fraudulent actions.... No one who believes in America last has NO business in control of the free world.. As I watch War Room Pandemic.. Up in Arms over this assault of Democracy.. I call BS

  • So glad I found Alex Jones & InfoWars in 2016. Wish I knew about him years before! People need to get past his Hyperbolic nature & pay attention to information he brings to the surface.

    Also - his supplements are top notch!!!

  • Welp! We should have listen to him, we need to start today is the day to protest Gates house and the other tugs.

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