Targeted, Banned & Ridiculed! Doctor Who Invented mRNA Speaks Out.
Aug 19, 2021

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...


Dr. Robert Malone responds to the Atlantic's Hit Piece. Dr. Robert Malone is a pioneer of the technology behind the Covid-19 vaccines, has studied and helped develop vaccines for decades and has filed numerous patents -among many other scientific contributions. But as soon as Dr. Malone didn't fall lock-step in with "the Noble lie" - as he calls it- he became a target. He is concerned about the way the Covid-19 jabs are being coerced on the masses and still has questions about the safety and efficacy of these shots- that he's hesitant to call vaccines. He describes them as more of a hybrid between vaccines and gene therapy. As soon as he chose to advocate for the fundamental bioethics of the issue, rather than join the "get the jab" campaign, he's been targeted, banned, and ridiculed. The Atlantic article-published on August 12th-is just the latest in the smear campaign against Dr. Robert Malone. But he's got the receipts. Here's his response. See the full interview on

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  • Why do so many of us keep needlessly cucking ourselves. On the one hand you have the enemy scoring victories left and right, and on the other, we're handing them to them.

    By 2021 you should know not to:

    • Trust the DS media
    • Use PayPal or GoFundMe
    • Not at the very least have alt-tech backups that you KEEP UPDATE and tell your friends about
    • Hold a public event without security If you're too stupid to get any of this stuff, then just disappear somewhere because we can't keep taking these hits from unforced errors every single day. They are demoralizing.
  • dangerously stupid people "just following orders" for money (like ww2 nazis) to character assassinate any who make a stand against the globalist tyrants.

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