Dec 06, 2021

Alex Jones

The MOST BANNED man on the internet! 🚫 Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram,...

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  • Alex, what is your stance on Israel? I’ve been an avid watcher way before you got banned from all platforms. People are saying that you are a fraud, and looks to be mostly centred around Israel. I’ve decided to defend you because your heart it seems, loves Christ. Bad mouthing Israel isn’t the safe route to take obviously, but you know Israel is super shady. You refrain from speaking anything negative against Jews, but, iron sharpens iron, and truth is truth. Withholding truth is being a liar, and I genuinely hope the gatekeeper Alex, isn’t partaking in demonic practices. I’ve got your back Alex, and mo matter what, no compromise’s!! Speak the truth always, don’t let the armies of death persuade you from being as righteous as humanly possible. Don’t give in! And if the Jews got you by the balls, cut them off! Yes, do not allow yourself to become under a yoke of slavery again. For those who Christ sets free, are free indeed bud. Fight the good fight and don’t get weary. Oh, and that whole Trump thing, he’s a fraud totally. Give him no more air time, delete his name from you mouth and his channel. You were wrong about him, he played you like a violin. His name must be blotched out from the tongues of the world. He is emboldened when people say his name, and he don’t deserve Hollywood status. Donald is a finger if the Antichrist, and will be until he comes against the shots, and ALL the swamp monsters, which he is himself. So in short, call out Israel for their crimes heavily, and stop talking about Donald “the devil” Trump. Just my thoughts Alex, we stand with you.

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