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The Vigano Tapes: Rebel Bishop Blows Lid Off Popes Satanic Agenda
Oct 14, 2021

Alex Jones

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The Vigano Tapes: Rebel Bishop Blows Lid Off Popes Satanic Agenda

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  • Actual/faithul bishop. Not 'rebel.' It's Francis who is in rebellion with God.

  • Why doesnt the fat disgusting pig post anything on the Jews? Because he is a traitorous scumbag!

  • Oh look, another pedophile coming after the Pope trying to repair the church and bring people back to a Christ like life.

  • 34:10 See that scupture? They are Italian. They craft marble objects since forever. Watching at marble textures during an hallucinogen trip produces exactly these kinds of hallucinations.

  • 33:00 You know what's horrible? Is that we avoided the end of the world in 2001, but the imbecile adepts of the dead beast wanna mimic it and imitate it, but all they are is failure, just like the dead beast that will never come back. They're mere imitators, but what they are doing is even worse. They're spoiling the soup for everyone and this is unacceptable. We are better than that. Thank's to JEsus for opening our eyes on that.

  • Antechrist = dead. No coming back. It was chained for a thousand years at Saladin's, Jerusalem. Dead 2 years after released just as prophesied.

  • Listen up Infowars. The great apostasy isn't as expected. It's ex-muslims that are all over the place and many of them are joining Christianity!

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