UN Setting Up Massive Internment Camp System For The Unvaccinated
Jul 28, 2021

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Alex Jones covers reports based out of Denmark and France, where people are being held against their will, their only crime being Un-vaccinated.

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  • Ole Alex Jones the kike cuck spreading more ridiculous fear porn. You go Schlomo!

  • This man is a moron

  • Bull Shit. Once you are exposed as a shill, you will always be a shill.

  • So we want end to vax, release of prisoners and immediate drawback just to get going

  • Well they should stop and negotiate with us at this point or we will just have to tell everybody and they won't get to enter the caves of ice.

  • ALEX, STOP FEAR MONGERING YOU TWIT. I want the heads of these bastards at my feet, and your bullshit DOESN'T HELP.

  • Talk about a line in the sand.

  • Is this true?

  • The internment camp thing is hard for me to believe because I've been taken to psychiatric facilities and forcefully drugged before, so if I were taken to a camp for not taking the vaccine I would think they'd just force me to take it and then let me back out?

  • It's so urgent and impending that Alex is making this video before his brunch arrives at his 4 star resort..

  • I remember when Alex said the Mexican Invasion was in progress, and showed photographs of it. That was when I quit watching him.

  • I will NEVER take the Clot Shot! NEVER!

  • Age old story : evil wrests levers of power, and, for a moment, achieves a semblance of legitimacy and invincibility.

  • No they aren't dickhead.

    Remember how wrong you were with the FEMA death camp bullshit that you used to make money out of gullible internet users?

    Remember losing so dramatically to the parents of Sandy Hook victims that you helped to bully?


  • Election Election Election,,,,,, They are running out of time. We are coming,

  • Guess it's time to die! You might as well play Russian Roulette with this Vax. I am not going with anyone, nor submitting to anyone coercing me into a jab. I been preparing myself mentally for many months now -- I am ready! That means taking the wicked out will be virtuous. I'm so pumped I can not wait!

  • Time for the lynch mobs to go after these FAGGOTS!

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