Vaccine Resistance Explodes
Oct 14, 2021

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If justice truly is blind. And our Republic is still standing on its own two feet. And patriots outnumber the minions of the Great Reset.

Then Dr. Fauci and his partners in crime Peter Daszak, the vaccine industry, totalitarian politicians, and lackey police enforcement are slowly being surrounded by a veritable firing squad.

Fauci’s associates are fleeing in droves.

The truth about natural immunity cannot be denied.

And the more we find out about the ingredients and efficacy of the Great Reset vaccines. The more many realize that a Eugenics hellscape lies squarely in the very near future At this point, .It is only resistance that will turn the tide.

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  • I am a Canadian and I am sick of the lying commies and we will see how ww3 turns out this is just stage one

  • The Vax doesn't kill the virus. The Vax doesn't stop you from carrying the virus. The Vax doesn't stop you from spreading the virus. The Vax does nothing to protect the public from the virus. Vax Mandates are the result of tyrannical , lying, ignorant, buffoons.

  • very good video - the only time I've been able to see it is now that I'm on Gab!!!!!! look forward to more like this!

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