VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Calls for the Death of Unvaxxed, Recycles Hoax Ivermectin Report - Alex Responds
Sep 09, 2021

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Alex Jones breaks down the smear campaign against Ivermectin as Jimmy Kimmel calls him out during his late-night show monologue.

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  • Damn straight. Let'em die. HEY EVERYONE ON HERE, if you refuse to get vaccinated or mask up, then do us all a HUGE favor and DON'T.

    That's right, just keep doing what you're doing. But if you're not going to trust the science behind vaccinations and masks, then do NOT burden the hospital, and their life saving science, when you get it. Just fuck off, lay in a hole, and fucking die.

  • Just proves that stupidity has no bounds, especially in Hollywood which seems to be it's primary breeding ground.

  • Whoa! Kimmel shows ignorance and is way behind on this "story." If only he was on Gab or Infor Wars... there might be some hope for him

  • what do you really expect from someone stupid enough to fuck that troll known as 'sarah silverman'?

  • What a great and classic Alex Rant! Great congratulations Alex. Sometimes I really love you!

  • And Lo' there was much depositing of the shekels.

  • I'm getting some Ivermectin - who cares what that asshole says?

  • I so want five minutes with this useless sniveling POS. Then post it so the lemmings of the left can see one of their idols totally get hammered and left on the floor blubbering like the scumbag elitist prick he is.

  • I don`t watch these fuckers ,never have in the last 15 years ,This ass hat, has a target painted on him

  • Don't give this piece of shit any air time. Every time you copy something that piece of data is captured and marked as read, thus upping there ratings.

  • This guy is an ass clown

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