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Why Are Vaccinated People Getting Cancer After The Jab?
Oct 12, 2021

Alex Jones

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Owen comments on the shocking rise in cancer rates for those that have recently gotten the covid vaccine.

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  • Thank you for that information. In fact we are praying for the Florida First Lady, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, after she get vaccinated, but we are asking ourselves: The Governor Ron DiSantis knows that? It is very dangerous for his familie as they had recently a baby and they have other two children.

  • yes I' know of friends getting C after the V but NO connection of dots in most of them.

  • I am a 14 year breast cancer survivor. This is one of the main reasons I will not get the vaccine. I believe I still have dormant cancer cells in me , and the jab would wake them up and show up somewhere else. Most survivors get a new cancer again sometime in. Their life. My dad had skin in his late 30’s and he found a tumor in his lung at 69. It had metastasized to his liver and femur - He died in 14 months and it was fight. Why would I ever have something shot in my body that effects every cell. Never!!!

  • My sister was forced to get the jab d/t severe iron deficiency, otherwise they wouldn't give her the infusions she needed.. ff a few months, at her yearly gyn appt, doc found a small nerf football size lump in her breast & goes tomorrow for a mammogram... idk if it's C, but it was a it was like it just popped up..🥺

  • Your web site is down

  • This is satanic

  • It is certainly consistent that cancer would be an outcome over time, whatever time frame it is since the jab compromises the immune system and thus infection within the body

  • This is insane! My brothers neighbors were both vaccinated. They were both in good health before the jab. The husband had a heart attack a few weeks after, and the wife has cancer now!

  • Guys this is so true I know three females who were diagnosed with breast cancer right after the two jabs, never were diagnosed cancer before.

  • I can't believe the people that vote hoodwinked they are.

  • I have a friend at work , got pressured into the jab 4 weeks ago , and was diagnosed with breast cancer last week !!! EVIL a-holes !

  • I personally know a good friend who died on August 22nd, 2021 of a rare type of Lung Cancer , a tumor pressing on his Superior vena cava caused his face to swell. He had received his second vaccine shot in early June. I visited him in the hospital on the 11th of August, and he told me to my face straight away that he believed his cancer was caused or he had it and the shots accelerated it. One oncologist did somewhat agree with him, told him he couldn't rule it. out. I will NOT take no mRNA shots. Period.

  • The jab weakens our immune system, just sayin 😒

  • China was using CRISPR technology in attempts to enhance their soldiers long before this covid fraud started. Heres an interesting article to read. Pay attention to the very last paragraph in the article, it says.....

    "In the study researchers found that the gene-editing technique deleted thousands of DNA bases – some of them that were not close to the spot of the initial edit, the researchers said. The concern was raised because some of the deletions can silence genes that are supposed to be active, or on, as the researchers noted, and activate some genes that should be turned off – particularly genes that can cause cancer."

  • This is why I was asked on my mammogram questionnaire if vaccinated, when, which one and what arm.

  • Up front - I am very much against mandatory vaccines. Though I am vaccinated and I have encouraged my family to be vaccinated, to force a vaccine on someone is in my opinion tyrannical. As an MD, I must comment, however, on the content of this video. The COVID vaccine is NOT causing cancer. It CAN cause lymph node enlargement in the axilla (armpit) of the injected arm. That can be mistaken for metastatic spread of tumor - in particular breast cancer. We as Radiologists are very much aware of that and often suggest the possibility. It is NOT cancerous, it will not become cancerous and it is self-limited. One more point. You state at least 2 examples in the video of women 'getting cancer' within 2 weeks and 3 weeks of the vaccine. Cancer does not develop and clearly does not show itself by any imaging modality we have, in that short a period of time. It takes a minimum of many months to years to show up. Therefore the vaccine is completely unrelated in the cases you describe.

  • I'm too scared to have it as u had a stroke a couple years ago and iv heard of some clotting concerns. I'm a mum of 5. I dont want to die an leave my kids

  • Interesting, wouldn’t be surprised…..don’t trust them !! Over 5 million people have COVID vaccinated health problems from the vaccines. There is blood clots not only from Johnson and Johnson, heart issues, seizures, convulsions, brain fog,, my girlfriend suffering from it a year now, and other complications and even death. 8,883 children under 12-18 have died……Gid help us ✝️

  • They knew.

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