Project Veritas Whistle-blower Exposes Truth About Vaccine
Oct 11, 2021

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If what the whistleblower says is true, we have a problem!

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  • YES ON SEATBELTS! I say this all the time.

  • the vax is a dna changer sure is .My sister is a nurse and she told all of us not to get it . There was something in it that changed dna . Yes the government are a bunch of damn liars . I will not live in fear . I know I listen to God that is who I listen to . God has been so good to me and God shows me how to keep healthy . Yes brother they are taking our rights away from us all and I for one will not comply . I will vote RED = Remove every democrat .

  • They were only able to get approval for emergency use of the jab if there was no other form of therapy available. So they had to hide the fact that there were therapies available. The jab is not a vaccine. It is a mRNA modifier.

  • They cant make money off the ivermectin or hydroxichloriquine.

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