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We Have To Have Peace
Jan 06, 2021

Donald J Trump

45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸 Uncensored Posts From President Trump's Feed



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  • We miss you!!! 🇺🇲❤️

  • I want my Pres back 🇺🇲❤

  • You will continue to be my president. I will not honor the thief who has taken over the white house. I won't break any laws or create any havoc but I will not honor that man or his administration

  • Oh, President Trump. God bless you, God protect you. Your intentions were good, but I think you stood against principalities and powers in the heavenlies that go far beyond comprehension. I support you, I pray for you and your family daily.

  • Greatest President ever!!! God help us in America. We all know the Republicans and GOP are NOT helping!!!

  • What is "Posts From President Trump's Feed"??

  • God bless you are watch over you and your family. Prayers coming from Sweden.

  • Danke, Mr. President und good luck! May god bless you.

  • God bless our president

  • Cheaters are not winners. Comrade Biden is NOT president NOT elect. Biden Administration = Biden Occupation

  • Dear Donald Trump. We Love You Sir. You are loved by 80 million Americans like no other President in the history of this Great Country. You are loved by millions more freedom loving people from all around the world. As you are betrayed by those around you, know that We The People will NEVER betray you. The free world needs you now more than ever. Please Sir... Do not Give Up. God and the American People are with you Sir and we know that you will continue to make us proud. The truth will prevail. You will prevail. God Bless & God Speed.

  • And yet these Dems and Rinos say Trump was to late on Jan 6th with this announcement! Thank you Gab!

  • Word of the day; foistwar. The war these arseholes are foisting upon us.

  • @TRUNEWS These repeated frivolous impeachments are a HUGE MISTAKE. It just makes the Democrats look like they are wasting time being hateful and vindictive when they could be doing their job for America, it also make them looks stupid because there is no evidence to support their charge that Trump incited the violence. As a matter of Fact Trump opposed the violence and secondly the violence was committed by ANTIFA on behalf of Democrats in a FALSE FLAG event to discredit people on the Right. This second foolish impeachment attempt will also HURT THE CONSTITUTION, You should not be able to repeatedly try to impeach a President simply because he keeps outsmarting and you hate him. If Trump is frustrating you that much retire Pelosi and Shumer and get smarter leaders. ABUSING IMPEACHMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER. (JUST OUR TWO CENTS). I LOVE MY FREEDOM ON GAB.COM

  • THOUGHT CONTROL:---------Democrats control social media, the news, entertainment and education, pretty much all sources of information. They do not want any information ideology or points of view express that are not their own. To this end they began censoring and banning Conservatives post and posters from their platforms. When we started to set up our own Social media and News they ruthlessly set out to destroy those. They do not want an organized opposition, they want us isolated, helpless and hope will even surely will submit to them. This is the same reason they want complete GUN Control, with them we are a threat to their power. Notice how they are so eager to disarm Conservative gun owners while they don't care at all about prime and murders in the city they run. Armed Conservatives are a threat to their power, gang banger are not. Likewise informed and organized Conservatives opposed to their agenda are also a threat to their power and must not be allowed to have honest news and open communications. (JUST OUR TWO CENTS). I LOVE MY FREEDOM ON http://GAB.COM

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