Mar 10, 2022




This is a collection of video clips and news articles that you might or might not remember. Some have been memory-holed. Anyway, I arranged them on a loose time in an upside down world archive of sorts.

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  • Yes please do!

  • Excellent work. I'm sharing with friends and family. Please, I know it's a lot of work, but a part 2 would be great.

  • Don't do parts. Instead do one huge video compiling all of the insane covid moments. There is almost too much to find and it would make a very long video, but this crime against humanity needs to be documented in its entirety.

    This video is well done, but there are a lot of very important moments of corruption and tyranny that were left out. But well done and good effort.

  • Never forget what they have done and are still doing.

  • This is an exceptionally excellent video. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • Always love your stuff Grace! Whistleblower from the Hawaii DHS here. Check out my show:

  • Yes! Part 2! And the names of all the wealth recipients would be useful. Because it’s not Lutherans benefiting from all this.

  • Brilliant as ever Grace! You are a truth warrior, and tho you don’t actually name the ***, you imply it. You let your viewers decide who really benefits, and is behind this agenda. How do you wake up a generation? One person at a time. Walk with Jesus. He’s on His way.

  • Grace thank you for showing the truth!!!

  • Part two PLEASE!!! (You may get some fries and a burger ;) )

  • Part two please!

  • Yes do part 2 and show all the dead athletes from their clot shot.

  • part 2 would be nice

  • Well covered of how easily the collective forgot the change in media narrative from vaccine hesitancy to "GET THE JAB!" Yes, please do a part 2 for posterity.

  • Very nicely put together, I always enjoy your videos. Yes do a part 2. Cheers

  • Thanks Grace for this excellent compilation. You rock! And yes, you should do a part 2.

  • Yes you should do a 2 part.

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