Jun 17, 2022




This is a follow-up to the video I made in April about the strange events happening at food processing plants in the United States. This video catalogues more events that have occurred since April 2022 and questions politifact’s most recent fact-check report on this topic.

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  • Government sanctioned insurance job fest.

  • There are no "coincidences"!

  • fatassistan no more...

  • A Cohencidence.

  • Adding fuel to the fire here, so to speak. Do a little research into "Food Recalls" over the last year or so. I get headline links every day on my news feed that has some new food recall, whether it's peanut butter or meat.. there are dozens this year.. they mostly are, "due to contamination of metal fibers found" and "did not display proper labeling of an allergen" like gluten..

  • The destroyed US food processing plants, dead cattle, and killed birds do have a common denominator. Here, RRN reports on one who was caught and punished for one plant: Military tribunal sentences USDA Sec Thomas Vilsack, who tried to lecture Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall on the benefits of socialism, to hang for the General Mills plant wrecked by a Cessna A340 twin-engine. The FBI said it was piloted by a student with an instructor co-piloting, but a whistleblower said it was remote controlled, and a Zippo-size R/C module was retrieved from the wreckage.

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