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Something Strange is Happening in New York City
Jul 31, 2022




Documenting all the strangeness of the New York City Emergency Broadcast PSA's and advertisements for tap water by the New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

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  • Excellent work as always!

  • The rebuilding of Ukraine was planned long prior to the first shot fired. It's like redecorating for the elites, taupe carpet is so last season so tear out the foundation, just as long as my contractors are doing the work.

  • Ukraine vs The Ukraine

    Ukraine is one of a few English country names traditionally used with the definite article 'the'. Use of the article was standard before Ukrainian independence, but has decreased since the 1990s. For example, the Associated Press dropped the article "the" on 3 December 1991. Use of the definite article was criticised as suggesting a non-sovereign territory, much like "the Lebanon" referred to the region before its independence, or as one might refer to "the Midwest", a region of the United States.

  • Maybe it's going to be a voluntary depopulation FAKE WAR, as in, I'll blow up one of your overpopulated city, and you'll blow up one of mine, maybe New York, Chicago...

  • Who paid for this PSA and who was paid? Always follow the shekels.

  • what are they planning i wonder?

  • it's like, The Ohio State University.

  • Solid troll at the end with more money to Ukraine

  • As a lifelong New Yorker I remain ever suspicious of anyone throwing around the implication that people should leave New York for any reason. New York City is a unique animal. It doesn't lose population so much as it replaces it with immigrants and changing birth demographics. And the more the population changes, the more money gets made and the wider the gap grows between the outer borough middle class and the Manhattan upper class. Crime increases everywhere except Dyker Heights. Republicans flee the city, but traffic is still jam packed by 3pm every day. So as dumb as it may sound I don't think a nuke is about to drop on NYC. Rather I think a select few people (including mayor Adams) want us to believe a nuke is going to drop on NYC, and they stand to make quite a bit of money if we do believe it. I don't buy any of it and I'm staying in the city my grandfather built that still bears his name on Ellis Island.

  • Interesting and informative video, with a twist of humor! Kudos for posting! One factoid I recently discovered (that I never would have thought) is that it's advised not to use hair conditioner when showering if you think you were exposed to nuclear fallout... "Shower and thoroughly wash your hair and body so as to limit your exposure to fallout—but do not use conditioner, as it may cause radioactive material to stick to your hair. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth." From this site:

  • 9/11 attack allegedly also included looting the commodity exchange vaults under the World Trade Tower. I think these were private vaults held by banks for Wall Street trading. If there is another stockpile of even more gold under the city, then yes, they will probably nuke NY for their depopulation agenda and to loot that stockpile as well. They will probably just say they found another new natural gold deposit somewhere in Africa to launder it back in.

  • Thank you for food for thought.

  • Not one red American cent to aid the phony Ukraine israeli backed government...... Liberate ALL CHRISTIANS from that nation until peace returns under Russian rule.....

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