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Absolute Proof
Feb 05, 2021

Mike Lindell

Inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Author of "What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to...



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  • We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic Look at this ASAP!!! visit

  • Mike, you are a wonderful patriotic American. I tried to watch Absolute Proof but it kept stopping sometimes for 10-15 minutes. I gave up I'll come back and try again.

  • We love Mike Lindell! Great job!

  • Be a little bit careful on dissemination. Family is OK. Others outside your family is stay out until you are ready to fight, and tale responsibility for what is comes up, which I would guess means death included. In this unique modern age American event there is a whole bucket load of pain that is waiting in the the wings. God will help, but this is a job for the Army, I was in the Army once. You can trust the Army, but do not get ahead of the crowd.

    And heed weht I say next. I learned this from painful lessons learned in daily combat in teo tours, all infantyr, in Vietnam: "

    not for the brqve individual just soming into this at this point.bwinds. The desire of course is get it cleaqned now. Take it slow, we will get therey faster.

    I share what I learn with my fmily. buty if is delicate because the ae so many people in Ameria otdqyt who are only a qrong thing said on the net between themselves and no income and no propspects. This is VERY big, and it is deep.

  • God Almighty loves and protects Mike Lindell, his family, and all true Americans who support Mike, and all these are protected at every moment in time, and at every position in space, and I am grateful and thankful to God that this is so. AMEN ++++ Rick Harvey

  • Trump needs to take his rightful place back. Also pardon every capital protestor.

  • 75 million Trump Voters and only 4.6 million views?

  • Where did DNI Ratcliffe go? He has seen intelligence report on foreign election interference. He has not shown up anywhere in the media to expose the fraud. What the hell is going on.

  • I managed to copy and paste the link Absolute Proof a few times on YouTube videos in the comment part of the video until recent. I have emailed this to one senator in NY state an attempt to advise her. Did not bother with Coumo or Schumer they are both intoxicated by power.

  • Could DVDs be produced to share?They all being the investors, Builders,Politicians having the Papers and Wires said it was unsinkable! The Titanic sank !

  • It's nice how you can view it on Gab's social and GabTV

  • Go to to view or download the documentary.

  • Can you make this downloadable so we can share everywhere?

  • This keeps freezing, I can't watch this.

  • We need subtitles/captions on this. @a please add that feature!

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