May 20, 2021

Mike Lindell

Inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Author of "What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to...



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  • It looks like you've found your next calling, Mike. We conservatives need our own group of people who "boost" other causes. Its time to hunker down.

    I'm glad you've decided to accept this focus to make it easier on all the rest of us. Thank you.

  • What's with you people? Did Lindell build and launch the Frankspeech platform? YES. You have no idea what goes into building a platform from scratch. Ask Andrew Torba. There is likely much more coming.

    Did Lindell not produce and distribute fact-packed documentaries about just how the 2020 election "irregularities" were meticulously designed so that you could learn how it happened? YES. Do not lie or play ignorant.

  • Why should you need defended if what you’re doing is LEGAL? Have you won ANY significant court cases? NOT that I have seen, you’ve been laughed out of court. Russian propaganda repeated by Trumptards is the only thing you’ve got: losers cheering losers. LOL!

  • This video and your site do not provide any information. All I've heard from you is empty promises since the 2020 election. Zero action taken. And now you want people to take your word about donating money to a Fund that has no information as to where the money actually goes. Why are people not vigilant? We can't give anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore. Honestly, what has Mike Lindell ever done except run his mouth about things that never come to fruition, and then use God to shield himself from backlash? "Oh, he said 'God', so he must be an honorable person!" Sorry, but he hasn't proved anything to guarantee that this Legal Fund is legit. Sir, you make real Christians look like fools.

  • Millionaire asking suckers for more money.

  • To Mr. Lindale, I honestly believe you To Mr. Lindell I understand that you put a lot of money and time into Frank speech.  But you are here on Gab,  If you promoted that, you would gain much more interaction  With the American public, not to mention more people would leave big Tech platforms to come here.  Also I would encourage the president to join as well, the real president.

  • WoW ..can't say I didn't see this begging coming months ago.

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