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Mike Lindell Presents Absolutely 9-0
Jun 03, 2021

Mike Lindell

Inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Author of "What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to...



Mike Lindell Presents Absolutely 9-0

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  • Miss you on here, Mike, but you are a busy buy man!

  • Massachusetts AG MAura Healey needs to go to jail. Average citizen does not know about these election changes that allow for Fraud and Cheating.For ever..How many citizens will review these???.

  • Attack BY china? - No, US commies employed china to do as much. (The only good communist, is a dead communist.) #WhoOwnsTheMSM ?

  • ThankYou big time Mike! You have been a personal hero of mine before any of this took place. I love you brother. May God Bless You And Yours. May The Lord God Almighty Look Over Your Company, Especially Your Employees Including Your Children.

  • Mike Lindell is a true patriot. One of the good guys.

  • If they really wanted a system that can't be hack, it they would use PLCs! haha

  • What happens when the SC says they won't hear the case because it is a moot point?

  • I am prefacing my comments are not about the election. Mike Lindell bragged and shilled his 'free speech platform" This was hyped beyond belief, worked on for FOUR LONG YEARS, ON MY OWN SERVERS" and the thing is hosted on CLOUDFLARE? The launch date was pushed back 2 or 3 times and you had to register (like Parler) your own personal information. All this hype and he's using GAB TV? I don't get it. An IT person pointed this out to me and this does not add up. It's like was some kind of info gathering Interactive Internet Activities kind of honeypot or.....?

  • The last part of this video shows Dementocrats laying groundwork for challenging the 2020 election HAD DONALD J. TRUMP won despite of the Dominion et. al. hacks. There is nbo conscience3 left among thre "Progressive" political class - and I include 'NeverTrump' false 'republicans'.

  • We are f’d

  • I hate to be cynical, but with 1/2 the world and the msm against ya Mike, how do you plan to get the case on the docket?

  • Has it been mentioned before about having the traffic packets? If so, I completely missed it. I thought they just had regular captures, not running a packet sniffer. This is HUGE.

  • Mike, thank you.

    I liked how at 23 minutes, you had Kamala Harris explain hoe voting machines were vulnerable to cyber attack. When the video continued with other prominent Democrats explaining the vulnerability to cyber intrusions, well, I almost cried. This is Brilliant.

    Again, Thank you.

    I just got off a 90 day Facebook ban, but your video is up on Facebook, my Facebook messenger groups, and Gab. Also, Torba has already gotten the word out to Gab.

    I will text the link to my State Rep in the AM.

    May God bless, guide and protect you.

    In God we Trust.

  • Thank you Mike.

  • 50 state landslide

  • Thank you Mike!! God Bless you!

  • Bravo 👏👏👏 please post a LINK WE CAN SHARE!!!

  • Thank you, Mike Lindell, for all you are doing for our country. You are a true American hero!

  • Mike is a great guy and all but he should let the professional talk. We are not idiots Mike we understand just let the guy speak.

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