May 14, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...




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  • Sorry but anyone who prays to a god that would allow his own son to be tortured to death. Then defends eating that human sacrifice flesh and drinking its blood as a good thing. Plus also feels that Pedophiles, Rapists Homosexuals, Mass genocidal maniacs, etc..., etc..., etc... should be allowed into Heaven, yep all are forgiven. Well I could go on but that sounds like fucking satanic worship to me.

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  • Vincent and your crew keep up the great work..Big Respect..WWG1WGA..

  • What the hell,this is so wrong,and get that sex offender out and put it in jail..

  • You allowed a nigger into your home to play chess, sit down and shut the fuck up, nigger lover

  • We don't live in a Theocracy. If you want that, move to Iran. We don't want any religious dictatorship. So NO to that.

  • Well folks remember a few things. Your God allowed his own son to be tortured to death This Human Sacrifice told you to eat his flesh and drink his blood. That is exactly what Canabal pedophiles do. Few if any saw punishment after the churches hiding of pedophilia was exposed. In fact some were simply transferred to new children.In some cases a few times. 2000+ years of hidden pedophilia right back to being forgotten and ignored. People cry about the Epstein/Maxwell client list, they have no right unless they demand the churches also, all of them. That covers for pedophile popes, saints, bishops, cardinals, nuns etc... Like Liberals say biden simply loves children so it's OK.

    So if you want to worship a father that would allow his own son to be tortured to death. And a son that tells you you must eat his flesh and drink his blood. All because 2000+ years of brainwashing and indoctrination of many generations since birth have told you to.

    Guy I met definitely not into pedophilia or human sacrifice even as symbolism. Also not into slavery at all he could have just made us slaves and not given us free will. But you'll say he's the bad guy. This for no other reason then he did not allow his son to be tortured for your sins.. Yep you'll pray to the Human sacrifice on a sign of compliance and submission.

  • Time to boycott TARGET.

  • We the people need to file a complaint/claim against the "SURETY BONDS" of those who PAID the MULES to settle this mess! Contact me for ALL the related info necessary. I've DONE my HOMEWORK!The Political 'Official' Either Pays You or Steps Down! STOP THE TYRANNY FIGHT BACK & WIN! How to hold politicians feet to the fire in cases of corruption? Answer: File a complaint claim against their Surety Bond.

    All elected public officials are required to be bonded and they must sign an oath to uphold the Constitution of their State as well as the Constitution of the United States for America. Companies, contractors, and even unions are also required to have a surety bond.

    We the People – The community for whom the bondholder is OBLIGATED to serve.

    Surety Bond Company – This is the company that guarantees that the bondholder will serve the people.

    If a claim is filed against a bondholder, the Surety Bond Company is responsible for accepting the claim(s), notifying the bondholder, demanding that the bondholder address the claim and starting an investigation if the bondholder does not resolve or rectify the situation.

    List of Certified "SURETY BOND COMPANIES" in North America

    Please SHARE!

    Stop The Tyranny Fight Back – Bonds for the Win

    Bonds for the Win View Link Feed

    As long as monsters like Soros keep getting thugs like Larry Krasner elected to being the DA of Philly, this lawlessness will continue. Krasner's agenda was to reform criminal law. He successfully turned Philly into a "Sanctuary City". Remember, Moral decay has preceded every civilization's collapse. America is NOT exempt.

  • They are cross dressers....they're not transiting anything or transitioning to anywhere. IF any transition happened it happened when they went from sane to insane or from not possessed to possession by demons.

  • Don't use trans period. Say men dressed as women... etc

  • The focus should be on promoting the nuclear family, not the degenerate behavior and relationships that the radical Marxist Democrats are advocating and trying to groom our children for. Fake Biden is a very mentally sick man who is suffering from dementia, he and the radical Marxist Democrats are on a mission to destroy america, it's history, it's culture and it's Christian values. The Republicans are not much better.

  • One more thing: you need to become anti-demo-liberal, social welfare state. Don't forget that modern democracies in the West allow all this degeneration and sickness to exist as they protect "everyone" because according to the new, secular "religion", all people are equal.

  • Hi, can you please vote on my wall, it might save someone's life

  • You get penicillins against pneumonia. BUT BAN the cure on CORONA.

    THE CORONA CURE. HYDROCHLOROXINE AND AZITHROMYCIN.< Natural Immunity Offers 13x Better Protection Against Delta Variant Than Pfizer Vaccine: Study -

  • Anti, yes. But not just reactionary. That sucks a lot of time from building the righteous, proactive ideas and identities formed in truth that will win people. Reactionism assumes that these self-defeating, deadly ideals of castration are winning, rather than exposing people to better ideas. We are in this position because we haven't been on the offense and proactive asserting Biblical Christian ideas and reconstructing.

  • lol, funny stuff you mentioned that you read that Pat Buchanan book "Death of the West" came out I think in early 2000's..I can say proudly I never voted for a Bush great part thx to Pat. I voted for Pat as 3rd party Candidate in 2000 and 2004. People are finally waking up to the replacement theory.


  • If I can be honest about abortion, I want the people who I like to be pro life and not abort, and people who I can't stand to be pro choice. Is that wrong and mean? I don't know. It's honest.

  • Our world is so insane. Packing underwear? Chest binders? Pride line? Do they have an LGBTQAI+ vomit bag?

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