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The TRUTH About 'Free Speech' Platform GETTR: Run by Anti-Trump Activists, Censors More Than Twitter
Jan 06, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...


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  • Love your show, nobody drops truth bombs like you, Civil Disobediences & Freedom of Speech is Fun

  • 👍carry on Patroit

  • go listen to Nick here, he constantly disses Jews GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE sooo happy some site was smart enough to get rid of him. fyi I don't follow anyone back that I have not fully vetted first. how much were you paid to diss a ah no wonder you are so STUPID YOU HATE JEWS TOO. BIG MISTAKE MESSING WITH GOD

  • I joined for about a week and didn't like the layout. but you are wrong about the activity. actually Nick is a jew hater that this place allows them creeps so f nick.

  • Here's a criticism: I question why anyone (including you) would be on GETTR. You are already on Gab, and so why need a GETTR account? Basically, we are funding the enemy if we use GETTR. Plus, GETTR's terms of service sound like Twitter or Facebook.... and it's hosted by freaking Amazon. Starting to sound familiar since both Parler and that MeWe site are both hosted by Amazon. They banned Parler when they allowed conservatives to be as conservative as they can, but they kept MeWe up due to its censorship. They let Parler back up when it started to stand against free speech.

    GETTR markets itself as "free speech", yet they banned Nick Fuentes after showing his freedom of expression.

    In terms of social media, I only use Gab, and in terms of making and watching videos, I currently use Odysee.

  • Why the hell is anyone on GETTR? That includes you.

  • Oh so now "White supremacy" is a "Chinese CCP conspiracy". So Democrats say White people are evil, and Republicans are now saying White people are a Chinese conspiracy theory. There are only two sides in politics. Pro-White and Anti-White.

  • Calling out a bad actor that happens to be a jew is somehow calling Gab an anti Semitic site is total BS. Gab should be the new America First free speech site.

  • Trump's plausible deniability for a lot of the unfortunate outcomes (mistakes) are fading. We have learned that he takes credit for everything that worked but blames others for his admin's failures. Then he's not even smart enough to see how wrong the tunnel-vision remdesivir/ventilator/vaccine plan killed thousands of people who could have been saved by therapeutics and antivirals (as they were in some cases elsewhere)--he claims the vaccines saves MILLIONS? Only the dyed-in-wool Maga-tards would keep believing. Yet some people continue to make foolish excuses for him.

    Kushner wouldn't let him do it? That's not an excuse. If he needs the golem rainmaker to get stuff done I will take any true conservative. Why is our choice TRUMP or RINO? Why would we want Trump back when he invites the Deep State in through the front door and them has someone to blame when things go wrong? You eventually figure out that Trump needs a foil and that he is just playing a game to promote himself; people should listen to the disaffected administration members who quit or were fired (And Ted Cruz basically took himself out of the running by ignoring the truth about Jan. 6.)

    The art of the deal isn't going to work on the gullible anymore. The Trump luster is gone.

  • Fuentes has done a little recent anti -Trump himself

  • There has to be more to this than what is being shown in this video. Your sponsor is a joke. Give us your $50,000 in savings and create a 'virtual vault of precious metals' and they'll give you $10,000 of silver For FREE. . LOL, WTF!? all that happens is the client just bought $10,000 of silver for $50,000 and an account on a website. My GOD Man! . . . Look at who YOUR Sponsors are! .. .. .. boogey men under every rock, Miller's the bad guy, Bannon's the bad guy, etc. .. .. .. well guess what? You're a sellout too. You're no better. What are you going to do? Delete me? Block me?

  • Oh fuck I totally forgot about that Kushner going after gab thing. At the time I thought it was lame, but I know a lot more about gab now and it’s a lot more than lame. This is incredible, I things really the way you guys are saying they are? They sure seem to be

  • Vince James is an absolute American hero!

  • If you believe in hate speech, you don't believe in free speech.

  • Parler 2.0 with worse management

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