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The TRUTH About Ron DeSantis the Establishment is Trying to Hide
Nov 25, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...




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  • Truth: they all kiss jew ass. America never.

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  • If you were in any doubt about the veracity of anything here you only have to see the astroturfed reaction to it.

  • Not nice to run a hit piece on someone who is actually working to stop the Great Reset - unlike some former leaders.

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  • Why are you using the corrupt tech Google? I find that they block a lot of real facts when doing research....just my take! I use DuckDuckGo with better luck. Interesting information, I viewed DeSantis negative as planned - not proven truth that he is against Trump.

  • The spam "how to make money" comments on here are hilarious. What idiot is going to fall for that crap? Oh wait..... LOL!

  • I love Ron DeSantis. I live in Florida and believe in him. I'll vote for him any day of the week. He's a strong, driven, focused, and determined leader. And he's served our country too. To believe Trump is a better choice than DeSantis is delusional. Trump is done, he had his time and did great things for the USA, but we need to move on.

  • What i got from this is he is a smart, savvy, driven guy who has wanted to be president. Sounds like someone i can support.

  • I’m too busy working so I can make ends meet to listen to an hour and a half of this. I’m sure it can be summed up in a couple paragraphs. The world consumes information in short form- can someone make this palatable for me and so many others?

  • Why do Trumpkins such as the poster of this garbage seek to completely destroy anyone who might be a threat to Trump's nomination? This is pathetic and will ensure the communists get 4 more years of power.

  • Why is Andrew Torba providing links to hit pieces like this on good Republicans in his news letter?

  • AntiGentile, Zionist wars Crusades 1&2, WW 1&2. BALFOUR declaration & Transfer agreement.

    Judaism preaches and practices the same ideologies as Nazism.

    Us & Them Tribalism Racism, Chosen people - Master race, Practice Purity of Blood = Eugenics.

    Anecdotal evidence shows that the vast majority of "Jews" humans killed in the holocaust were what Judaism would consider half breed "Jews". Just like the old testament says they are to do before entering the NWO Build Back Better land after eclipsing the galactic plane/nucleus/Milky Way RESETS the planet. Again as in the days of Noah & Lot.

    Want to defeat the AntiGoyite Zionists Unite udedr Jesus who already called out the Brood of Vipers and Synagogue of Satan.

    As the temperature magnetosphere increases on our water planet due to the Sun's Magnetosphere increasing due to PRECESSION of the Alpha Omega equinoxes eclipsing the centre of the galaxies magnetospheres nucleus so to does the altitude at which the DEW point occurs rises.

    These are just the BIRTHING PAINS of he climate change END TIMES. Noah's floods tidal waves won't get pulled around the planet by the moon until the major conjunction of the planets in 2033 & every 40 years thereafter for the 1,000 years it takes to cross the milky way.

    Jesus like Lot & Noah before warned us about these the climate change END TIMES.

  • Wow-- normalizing anti-semitism and the big lie about the election -- not sure where you are going with all this.

  • This guy doesn't STFU!

  • Tou've GOTTA stop surfing the web, James! Sit still!

  • This guest has an Insider-speak motor mouth.

  • The War of the Zionist Candidates...LOL. Every argument that is made against Ron can be made against Don. Until either one of them puts the White majority first, nothing will change except the stability of fiat currency.

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