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Yes, You Are Being Replaced, and Yes it is Deliberate
Jun 08, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...




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  • Th historical irony is delicious. Such as the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Your ancestors came over to replace us and now most of us are still on reservations. IT always strikes me how you people can always do all sort of stuff to some people then when it is done to you you lose your marbles. I have no sympathy for you.

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  • Replaced by wogs and niggers - all planned and controlled by Jews - and few have the guts to say it!

  • The more they take over, the more the systems fail anyway. All we have to do is self segregate and put up walls. I'm moving from #SantaFe #NewMexico to #Idaho due to the policies they are enacting here.

    BTW, don't know what it's like where you are, but EVERYWHERE here in my town is looking for workers. I got a breakfast burrito this morning and the woman told me that can't keep people for more than a few days. She just kept saying "Nobody wants to work".

    We need them to come here to do the Jobs Americans wont. Like vote democrat, wear masks, get into more debt and kill whitey. Getting it yet?

  • Its a good way to increase the population. For security against china. Each person can ve a resource. Unless u mooch

  • What's the answer? We know all negative crap happening but how can we work together for change before these things happen What happens with all these petitions to get these people out of office when they are not representing Americans. Do we just elect our own and honor the petitions that Wayne can't just keep letting these immigrants in. They are receiving assistance for housing food stamps 900 or more per month and giving Americans 19.00 to 35 per month. And vets and seniors 25.00 We have so many different languages here most can't speak English at all.. majority of the ones that do work work at Walmart

  • Turns out extremely poor people from shit hole countries created by the Vatican are more than willing to come live in our police state. Your government is the worlds most dangerous recorded mass shooter And none of these stupid fuckers can figure it out.

  • It’s over for America. China, Russia and Israel plan on getting rid of our nation with nukes. Israel uses proxies it hides behind to achieve world power (after America,s nuked).B iden is in China’s pocket (read Red-Handed) along with other politicians, elites of Silicon Valley etc.

    It’s over for America, go home and prepare to leave the planet soon that your spirit won’t perish by accepting Jesus Christ as Messiah! Ask His forgiveness today and He will seal you with the Holy Spirit.

  • I really hate demorats and the idiots in our country that do not see what we see. I will not go out without a fight. The 2A will be the flash point to take back our country

  • This is not genocide they are replacing us at the voting booth so they can have the total welfare state universal income etc. basically the end of America which is no doubt happening. So when you talk about our reaction it's about us blowing it out of proportion to play the race victim card by claiming this is going to be some South African genocide

  • WTF are we and our children supposed to do with them?

  • Great show but the Like button doesn`t work..

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  • it's no accident you will find that Youtube is heavily pushing any channels with black people on them or made by black people. Many are just reacting to stuff that's years old. Just be black, and the YT algorithm will love you

    1. Support a Migration Moratorium. Cut off the flow of replacements; stop the bleeding.
    2. Halt the spread of cancerous cities. Urbanization is the death of America.
    3. Form Heritage American communities in your area. Network. Survive. Thrive.
  • all being done by zionists ... and people still won't talk or do anything about it ... crickets

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  • This needs to stop, the immigrants are just usurping our money, our lives and our rights. Of course with that, if this is not taken care of those things will be taken away with many others. We will be lost, so something must be done. And I don't care what others say, my thoughts, my opinion and you know that is this right. So continue listening to this, and now know that this is a thing. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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