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Andrew Torba LIVE: Crush Communist Globalists, Return to REAL FREEDOM!
Sep 30, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba is leading the "silent secession" to balkanize and create a parallel society which would defund communism and return REAL FREEDOM to Americans that want to live a liberty-rich life of faith and prosperity!

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  • They wont let us build a parallel universe. They will strike everything we do down. We need new medical clinics for the doctors and nurses who are being fired and for the unvaxxed to have a safe place to go for treatment that isnt crawling with spike protein shedding zombies. They will jail anyone who tries. Stay tuned.

  • Only recently have I seen some truth coming from the pulpit. That was refreshing. If people of the Christian faith hear the truth from their pastor or priest, the government's plan to destroy freedom will fail. There is no reason to fear God. Our Creator created us with Love, and loves us. So what's to fear about that?

  • Hey Torba - love love love what you're doing. How about starting an alternative to Netflix?

  • Productivity and creative impulse is something the world will never not derive value from. It will never not be needed in the world. It is the only "asset" that will go on as long as the world goes on. The parallel society can preserve this. Government can never produce anything.

  • Andrew I know not possible...but it would be great to have your Ap in I Phone?...I canceled Netflix ...BTW you should advertise PureFlix...Christian and Moral movies/Programing including The Chosen.

  • Walk away, defund them, all of them who takeaway our rights. Let them go out of business.

  • GAB is by Far ...My Favorite......Well Designed and User Friendly...Extremely Informative....beside a Member ...plan on Donating ASAP....A True ..'Freedom Based Media ..Organization...!!!

  • Enjoy your talks.

  • "as Christians we don't live in a post-truth world"

  • There is only one way to abolish the current communists in Washington - it is a revolution! History shows this not me. THE TYRANTS FEAR ONLY STRENGTH! Parallel society wouldn't be enough. They hold the MSM and it is one of the biggest problem. People's mind is damaged. The communists found the way to control the masses - FEARMONGERING IS THEIR WEAPON. ACTUALLY ANY TYRANNY WORKS THROUGH FEAR. And the man-made virus was the perfect way not just to steal elections but to go further with their agenda. And the ignorance in America is astonishing. The revolution is the only way. This is a position from a person who survived one of the of the worst communist regimes in the 20 century. I was not born free BUT WILL DIE FREE, NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Thank you for bringing us truth!

  • The brainwashed know freedom?

  • Just keep this in mind!there is going to be a nuclear war on american soil and russian soil and in europa!most of those lands will be wastelands,the one place it wont happen is southern africa,but we will also have a civil war here and the european christians will win!REMEMBER THAT WHEN THE SATANIST LEFT WILL START KILLING YOU CHRISTIANS THEN WE WILL INVITE YOU CHRISTIANS OVER TO US TO RESTART A NEW CHRISTIAN ONLY COUNTRY THAT WILL STRETCH FROM THE CAPE TO THE EQUATOR!ITS OUR FATHERS YAHWEHs WILL AND SO IT WILL BE,NO JEW OR COMMIE CAN STOP IT!GODS PROPHETS OF ZEPHANIA AND ISAIAH AND BOER PROPHETS HAVE CONFIRMED IT THAT ISRAELS 12 TRIBES WILL BE SOUTH OF THE RIVERS OF KUSH(AFRICA,ETHIOPIA).

  • Support The Stew Peters Show and Andrew Torba/GAB!!

  • Collectivists, communists etc = GANGsters. Who forms gangs? Only criminals who believe in their group-might-made "rights" to extort and enslave everyone else first, (and only THEN maybe those trying to defend them selves from the former) that's who!

  • Thanks to Andrew Torba, Stew Peters and!!! And to whoever I have left out!! Thx for all of your hard works!!

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