Ask Dr. Jane: Worldwide PCR Fraud, Blood Cell Death & Staying Healthy
Jan 13, 2022

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


Join Stew and Dr. Jane Ruby as they answer questions from Dr. Jane's very own viewer telegram! Join us.

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  • I got COVID twice. Last year and now, not vaxxed or medicated.

  • Wonderful to have guests who aren't intent on murdering everyone on the planet. Speaking of planets...Hypothetically...You arrive on Mars[imagine the air miles!]. You start to feel a tad under the dark side of the moon. Oh look, a local Martian. So you ask him what to do, He says: Everything you've been doing needs to change. And when you pray sometimes you need to just shut the f up and listen. How else will you hear the answers? It's a bit like that when people ask a Naturopath "Heh Doc, what should I do?" Sorry, we've really screwed up optimal. Optimal eliminates most of your questions. And btw, Stew is a gifted listener. Amazing to see it.

  • How are the mRNA "snippets" created? How many molecular rungs are in the sequence? What is the error rate when generating them?

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  • My wife and I are purebloods but her vaxxed relatives were laid out and tested positive over Christmas. How about that??

  • Stew Peters is best in the game. Thank you Dr Jane.

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