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Biden Incest and Pedophilia Confirmed: Ashley Biden's Diary Legitimate, FBI Cover-up Exposed
Nov 08, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

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A year ago, National File's Patrick Howley broke a huge story regarding Ashley Biden's diary and some very odd entries involving inappropriate showers with her father Joe. He joins Stew today to discuss the FBI raids on the homes of James O'Keefe and other associates who obtained and published the very real diary.

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  • The Dark Forces of CNN, FBI, and many Govt/media sources have been protecting Biden for many years. It is about time the swamp was drained to allow Biden Empire to be exposed and dealt with. That was why they wanted shot of Trump, they knew he would out the lot of them and they could not allow that to happen! Corrupt, traitors the lot!

  • Cannot seem to open GAB in google I had to ho to firefox to open

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