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Biden, Obama RAPE Victim SPEAKS OUT - BREAKING: Comernity Vaxx FAKE - Bioweapon Plan EXPOSED, Globalist Media DISINFORMATION Targets Women and MORE!
Nov 10, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Ally Carter says that her biological mother routinely slept with authority figures, and soon initiated her own children. At 13 she was being trafficking to Local police chiefs, Hollywood power players, celebrities like John Travolta, Beyoncé, and politicians like Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She stepped forward before the election, but was ignored. In this interview with Stew she tells the whole satanic story.

Why are people who got the vaccine complaining about disruptions and resumptions of periods and problems with fertility? Former Republican congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to discuss this and more medical madness which have come from the mandates and mass vaxxing.

In today's ASK DR. JANE segment, Dr. Jane Ruby she addresses the prospect of medical tyranny leading to new medical facilities, staffed by the good doctors and nurses who refused to administer or take the clot shot.

Has the government finally been caught in their lie about Pfizer's bait and switch with BioNTech and the supposedly only renamed FDA-approved version Comirnaty? Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a bombshell from a court case in Florida and leaked pictures from soldiers which proves they know its a fraud and are pushing it on our troops and kids anyway.

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  • Love your video's Stew!! You're helping to expose the truth - to bring these demons down.. Thank You~~!!

  • I believe you and am extremely proud of you Ally for coming out to EXPOSE these satanic followers!! They are the lowest of scum and FEAR YOU, and you need to keep it that way.. Just remember.. each and every time you expose them, you will become more believable ~ You're not only exposing them for yourself, but for everyone single child they are still continuing to abuse and any child in their future, like all of the children they're freely trafficking over the border right now to abuse.

    Keep God in the center of your life.. and know that God will have the last and final say with these demons and will HELP and PROTECT you if you ASK him to!!

    It’s only obvious that oboma and biden had to be involved in something this nefariously demented.. Nobody should be questioning what your saying, especially with the fact that we’ve been watching every single person remotely affiliated with these hoodlums being instantly shut down, and then forever silenced since oboma stepped foot into the political area.. Wasn’t hard to figure out that something very dark was going on and 'YOU' just might be the very one with the KEY to bring them down!


    I SERIOUSLY DON’T THINK GOD put you through all of this for nothing, YOU may have a major role to play, so listen to his guidance..


  • We started a Word Axe campaign for this to get Tucker and Hannity to give this video some exposure. You can help by joining the Campaign where we sent 3 letters, one to Sean Hannity, one to Tucker Carlson, and we CC'd Stew Peters. Add to the effort and send a copy of the letters also, then share the link with your contacts and threads in under a minute for less than the price of a bar drink or sandwich.
    Link to Word Axe campaign letter: Explanation of Word Axe

  • I'm afraid for this young lady, Ally.

  • Офигеть, вот у вас там читеры с вакцинами лютуют.

  • 47:05 Brandon Johnson :)

  • Hey check this out.

    Heart Attack drug Secretly added to Pfizers child "vaccine"

    A Doctor Who Isn't Me, hereforeafter "Dwim". Dwim thinks better dispersal of artifacts including G.O. while reducing on-scene deaths. They don't want the youth to be "blurry" entries into the matrix. The corruptible and AI-conquored will be new communist AI army. When theorizing on conspiracy, remember they're probably going for "epic." We demand rights and equality but let's not be amazed if shit takes a bad turn.

  • bs"d I saw a cellphone clip of a video showing JB grabbing for this young lady...

  • bs"d I saw her cellphone videos in autumn '20, this was very much on my mind when the fraud happened, have been worried about her, this is why I was so upset about what happened, and about who is now ostensibly sitting in US chief executive position, according to the publicly acceptedd story, and I am still worried, it does not seem we are yet home free with this problem

  • Dear Stew Peters, what are you doing to protect this young lady?? If she is not protected they are going to kill her!!!

  • Hi Stew!! So glad you're on GabTV now!! Rumble was okay but didn't seem to play the videos very well at times. Love your truth!!

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