BioTech Analyst: PCR Tests STEALING Genetic Code, Transmitting to China
Oct 21, 2021

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and a biotech analyst. Kingston joined Stew Peters to reveal how the PCR tests many are subjected to are hijacking your genetic code and transmitting the information back to China.

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  • By obtaining the DNA of people they will be able to engineer virus' that are DNA specific! Ever see the movie with Gene Simmons & Tom Selleck, I don't remember the name, but Gene had a gun that shot bullets that only hit specific people it was programmed for. These people are evil!!! More predictive programming huh...

  • And Rife technology can zap your DNA with whatever they want!! It is used for good right now by the private sector all over the place ( with your own blood sample ).

  • This whole pandemic is a hoax, and these democratic leaders need to be incarcerated!! They are killing millions of people across our globe. This is absolutely abhorrent and makes me think these clowns are knowingly wiping out our planet through communism. They are a bunch or hypocrites and should not be getting away with murder!! They are trying to depopulize and do away with our constitional rights!! These murderers will be held accountable to our God!! God will pour out his wrath on these people. I am so disgusted with these lies, and there is deception throughout our nation and other countries. America WAKE UP!!

  • Yes cases of pc r tests were delivered a year prior to the “corona” being a “public known” thing ~check all the hospitals stock sheet(s) they “knew”

  • Hard core truthbeen saying last part for years,God, please do not forsake US for our misdeeds

  • Pass it on.

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