Nov 19, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



The Republican party has been given power at the state and national level over and over, and over and over they’ve botched it. Against all odds, Donald Trump delivered the Republican Party its biggest victory and its biggest opportunity in a century. They had the House, the Senate, the White House, and a majority of the Supreme Court with a new seat waiting to be filled. Enter Machiavellian Mark Meadows, Meadows had Trump convinced he was this big ally of his, so in 2020 he was brought in to serve as chief of staff. What did he do there? He kept fighting against a serious America-First agenda, this time from within the White House. Come election time, Meadows undercut the effort to stop the Joe Biden coup d’etat, and pushed Trump into meekly leaving office

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  • Meadows is quite the con man. The smoking gun is his. He's a coward. Does the deed while pointing the finger at 45. This is very big. Meadows is an asset of CCP and globalist calamity. He needs to be stopped not just for America's sake. But for the world's.

    For the rest...Primary. Primary. Primary. The selecting...precinct committeemen/women. The

  • Does a great job of laying out the traitors in the GOP. Primary all of these rat bastards. Jordan, Cruz, McConnell ALL OF THEM! They are the road to Communism with a slower speed limit. Trump is STILL pushing the death shot. I'm done with all of them. I'm not voting for an incumbent. They're all blackmailed or bought. Or maybe closet Communists. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Check out the vid.

  • The RNC is fake controlled opposition. They throw the fight every. single. time. The GOP is the road to Communism with a slower speed limit.

  • sounds like you are making a pitch for the NEW WORLD ORDER to enter the picture.....

    is this were you are LEADING to???????

    getting people to hate EVERYTHING so they want....something else to 'willingly' vote in...[shakes head].

  • Mark may have had his Epstien island visit and black mail pictures / black mail. That's how the Global Zionist run things in there bid to Rule the World.

  • Well , Mark Meadows is the back channel to Trump in the Devolution hypothesis, which would seem to be a serious contradiction to adherents. Who was the only one singled out by Trump at Anrews AFB?

  • And Trump loves him still. F that noise.

  • Love the "Straight to the Point" content, more Patriot commentator's need to bring these Commie Collaborators into the light. I'm a UK citizen and I want to see TRUMP re-elected in 2024, so that he can liberate the world from Communism.

  • Gosh Steve Bannon is clueless? Where have all the good men gone? Meadows promoting a book on his show. What a circus the US has become.

  • Professional Republicans are 90% controlled opposition. They're the Washington Generals whose real job is to look ridiculous and lose in the end. They must be careful not to gain too much power or they'll destroy their plausible deniability. Professional Republicans must protect their plausible deniability, it's the key to their entire grift, so watch how they do that, watch how they carefully and deliberately neuter themselves.

  • the pence family are traitors to god and country

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