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DoD Documents: Over 70% "COVID" Hospitalizations are "Fully Vaccinated" Over 65
Oct 04, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Attorney Thomas Renz joined Stew Peters to reveal the highly censored DoD documents proving that the "vaccine" is more dangerous than it is helpful, as the vast majority of patients over 65 hospitalized with "COVID" are more-than-likely experiencing injury from the shots!

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  • Just tried to post this on swissserer , not allowed.

  • Do not comply find another job that does not require the jab . The only being that tells me what to do is God , Our Lord and Savior . Yes we need to stand up against this leftist garbage .

  • Agree trump needs to stop his garbage mouth, if anyone knows about the kill shots it’s the trumps…I support Trump, but he needs to say something now… we need to revolt now…and throw those assholes out of the FRANKENSTEIN FREEMASON COWARDS FEDERAL RESERVE ORGANIZATION..


  • Tells us what to do…now

  • Thank you Stew, why do no politicians even mention this shit..are they all FRANKENSTEIN FREEMASON COWARDS, FAUCIGATE FEDERAL RESERVE PIGS

  • It is mass genocide

  • awesome to watch this on GAB instead of Rumble.

  • I am going to term my contributions to the Trump campaign until this is worked out. It is unacceptable at this point and I cannot come up with an excuse anymore. Thank you all, We The People are the authority and don't need Trump or anyone to do this for us; We Will Do It.

  • Stew, glad to see you are on Gab....just moved here from Rumble. Thanks for the great report along with the attorney Tom. Great investigative work!

  • As a Trump supporter and voted for him twice, I find it troubling he's on board with the vaccines. I'm sure he reads a lot and seems he would know what's going on. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet but I've become skeptical of Trump along with all our government. I don't think I'm alone in that thinking.

  • Brilliant stew, I'm watching from the uk. They have crashed facebook and harvesting info from all uk posters. Staff are locked out! I got a feeling bad shit is happening in Australia,hence facebook shutdown in the uk and europe. I got an even worse feeling that Martial Law will happen here in the UK and then they will eith kill people by shooting or forced injection. It's getting really bad as lie7ng government says there will be a food shortage, when in reality warehouses are full of food ! The media lies non stop, and sadly there are still dumb sheep who believe them. It is going to explode here because.m8re and more are now finally awake thanks to you and honest journalists and doctors.

  • The enemy is within your mists. You will never win unless you know who the enemy is. It's funny, American Freedom taking away American Freedom (GD)!

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