Nov 24, 2021

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The Stew Peters Show: Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Stella Immanuel has COVID Virus treatment available for you and your family RIGHT NOW! Stay safe and healthy amid the release of "viruses".

Michael Cost is a U.S. Army Military Intelligence Analyst, and he has a message for Americans: It's NOT TOO LATE!

Kerry Murry had her child taken by the courts, and FORCE JABBED! Don't miss this emotional interview!

Jarome Bell calls out phony Republican: "She's a COMMUNIST"

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  • At the 4:00: The statues, the history, all the things being purged; this is an exact copy in slow motion of Mao's "Four Olds" campaign in 1966. Old Culture, Old Customs, Old Habits, Old Ideas.

    Look around you. That is exactly what is being burned away right now.

  • So far all the casualties are on the population. Zero casualties for world elites, governments the perpetrators of the destruction! When there is nothing to lose there is no reason to stop!

  • Good to finally hear someone use the term I've been using for the last few years.. the "Legacy Media Industrial Complex"

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