Oct 26, 2021

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Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko planted a highly explosive bomb under the influenza narrative today on The Stew Peters Show. In addition to his question, Dr. Zelenko also announced the release of his treatment for kids, which is available for preorder NOW!

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  • I was always a healthy person, worked in healthcare and always declined the flu shot. Then they made it mandatory and I agreed to take it. About 2 weeks later, I started walking into walls, had severe neurological symptoms, vertigo, nerve problems in my extremities, numb feet, etc. constant tinnitus. I didn't put it together for a long time. None of the doctors I saw ever did. I was "anxious", I was "pre-menopausal", I was "depressed". These men blew me off every time. I spent $$$. It wasn't until last year that I found a neurologist who confirmed what I had experienced was reflected in my workup, most of the other docs wouldn't order tests. Still, no proof that the flu shot caused it but I have been symptomatic every since that jab.

  • I stopped getting the flu “vaccine” as a kid. I told my parents I don’t want it anymore. 17 years ago j had my last flu shot, 17 years ago was the last time I had the flu.

  • PCR tests turned Flu into Covid cases, that is where the flu went.

  • I'm wondering how Zelenko knows covid actually exists.

  • 2 comments I have. 1. if Dr. Zelenko did actually test his patients for COVID and they tested positive for COVID and then tested them for influenza using a different test and they were negative is an interesting finding and leads to his questioning of where did the flu go. I had also assumed that the COVID test also caught the influenza and tripped positive. Secondly, it could be that they don't 'release' influenza, although they could, but it's entirely possible that it's spread by the influenza vaccine that people take, then shed, then get others sick. So, in 2020 if no one went out to get their flu shot, then it wouldn't be around to spread. Interesting to ponder his ideas.

  • google voice is blocking GAB links

  • Zero covid during winter of 20-21 because it was all counted as covid. Remember, those recalled PCR tests can't tell the difference. I'm not ready to believe they've been releasing influenza virus into the air for the last however many years the flu shot has been around yet.....

  • Wow, Zelenko just suggested that the reason the flu disappeared is because they RELEASE IT each year and they did not release it during COV19, but may release both this year.

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