Jan 14, 2022

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EMERGENCY: Scott Quiner is due to be murdered by Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapid, Minnesota today at noon eastern time. Attorney Thomas Renz joins us to discuss the court hearing today. Media contacts: KARE 11 News: 763-546-1111 KSTP Channel 5: 612-588-6397 KMSP Chanel 9: 952-944-9999

Hospital Contacts: 4050 Coon Rapids Blvd Coon Rapids MN 55433 Main line 763-236-6000 Scott Quiner is in the Heart and Vascular Center Their number is 763-236-8800 Heather is the Care Coordinator 763-236-8321

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  • If the illegitimate regime running the government would have thrown everything at covid this country and its people would have had a better chance, starting with all the rx medicines they have withheld forcing a covid shot that never keep anyone from catching it and did not stop transmission, what vaccine, this is a shot, sooo if these murderers would have let the public choose what medicines they took the country would have had a different outcome

  • god bless and keep you both,,you are true heros.

  • The inmates are running the asylum. Newsflash: Suppression and obstruction is just how they've always done things. #Selfcare is anti-genocidal self-defense. Protect yourselves. Learn.

  • THIS IS TRUE ALL TRUE. I'VE BEING SAYING THIS FOR 2 YEARS NOW. I have seen this whit my own eyes and quit working on the Hospital. Doctors do this because the director of the hospital it ask them to do so because the hospital receive 100k dlls from the WHO.

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  • My sister was murdered this way. Healthy when admitted for COVD and 4 days later dead. Once intubated she was given remdesvir, immediate kidney failure and then death. Hospital would not let family in till death was imminent.

  • There is only one thing consistent in this world. Where goes Christianity, death follows.

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