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EXCLUSIVE LEAKED Pfizer Emails Reveal Graphene Oxide Cover-Up - Dr. David Martin LIVE: Exposing Fauci Felony Crimes, Conspiracy to Commit Terror With Bioweapon
Nov 23, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Republicans have exclusively, without ANY Democrats, sponsored a bill that would protect transgenders, making it illegal to disallow sexual monsters from going into any bathroom they wish, forcing Christians to accept tranny culture or be prosecuted, fined and jailed.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Pfizer LEAKED EMAILS prove a Graphene Oxide Cover-Up by Top-Level Scientists: Pfizer Whistleblower, Melissa McAtee joins Stew with RECEIPTS!

Dr. David Martin LIVE: Exposing the United States criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and introduce a bioweapon, unleash death on the American populous - Dr. Martin empowers American citizens to STOP the coronavirus death cult from continuing to oppress once-free citizens and empower a medical tyranny upon civilization.

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  • It's all about the sex, Muslims are way ahead of us on this subject, those goat herders know more then us 1st world idiots. than we have the balls to call them cave dwellers.

  • If you’re a Christian, are you not suppose to treat and respect your neighbor? Lgbt folks are not mentally ill. That’s been disproven scientifically. And the fact you’re freaking out about traditional marriage… even if they have their rights and equality… you don’t have to participate dude. Don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one. Same with abortion man. It’s pretty clear on that you’re off base. On the shots you’re correct. This you’re not. Sorry bro.

  • I agree with you on the waxxinces. The Lgbt population is small. There is nothing about fining people for pronouns. Making a mountain out of a molehill dude.

  • The Noahide Laws will make Christianity a sin punishable by beheading. It's real , check it out.

  • IF we look at the INTENT, which is the TIP of the PYRAMID OF HUMAN MANIPULATION, That INTENT would be Massive POPULATION REDUCTION/DEATH - From Human Population of 7,908,790,921. [11/23/21-8:15pm] ..& counting...DOWN To 5,000,000 left Alive.
    This Is THEIR DECLARED INTENT. MANDATES. GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS SIGNED THE UN 2021-'30 - '50 AGENDAS. ALL Progressing well. See the DEATH COUNTS/ The Global GovernMENT exercising SLY/CONTROL >MAKING OUR HUMAN HARD FOUGHT FREEDOMS & SUCCESSES...GO Away. disappear. They are preaching their AGREED UPON FABRICATIONS VIA THEIR GLOBAL CORPORATE MEDIA & INFILTRATING/ 5th Columns into all levels of Gov and Culture, quietly take ing over from within, theirs Is the 'Long Plan'. They create False Flags & backstorys' of facts, just Declare their Story as What 'people' are to believe. Target those who speak or question their 'Narrative' to Break, to Destroy them and to Disappear Them... even unto Death.
    People Are More & More Locked into their Personal MATRIX'S, 'Fed' The SCAM STORIES the World- Government - Octopus Drowns them in. Running PSYOPS of MENTAL INSTABILITY, False Flags Revving FEAR, Manipulating whole dense Populations with broadcasting Machinery of HAARP AND MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL ; MEDIA TRICKS CONS AND SCAMS...It IS The SAME STRATEGY OVER ALL OF US, STRIPPING HUMANS OF EVERYTHING WORTHY AND GOOD, INCLUDING SECURITY, OUR VERY SPIRIT AND LOVE For Each Other replaced with INTOLERANCE AND HATE, VIOLENCE AND Destruction.
    Creating 'soulless satanism' as Replacement for our Spirit Connectivity with God thru- 'Religion' by Trashing our Soul with the 7 Deadly Sins and BlackMail'; Trannifying Our Children, and programed needy ... To STOP BIRTHING HUMANS; Manipulating For ABORTION.TO KILL OFF new Humans AND Then TO FEED ON These DIVINE MANIFESTATIONS in our Human Life, Becoming ADRENOCHROME Addicts - Created & Harvested Thru TORTURE -From the BRAINS of these BABIES, and creating more turncoat 'Minions' to use. in their Sick Game of Power on Earth.

    Surely Is Reminiscent of MAO Zi Dung 's COMMUNIST CULTURAL REVOLUTION, in the 20th Century One Big Mark OF 'THEM' is their LACK OF CREATIVITY.!!! WITHOUT SOUL - THE GIFT OF THE DIVINE HOLY SPIRIT, The GIFT OF CREATION. "MADE IN MY IMAGE". Instead, They PUSH DEATH. Feed on LIFE, and are embodying 'The PRINCIPLE'[DARK FORCE] Jack-In-The-Box =TADAA : MASS MURDER / ER / S ARE MANIFESTING NOW Movin Out and INTO OUR REALITY. IF YOU DO NOT see them coming for are in deep caca. Your SOUL IS IN THE BALANCE...Start a Dialogue Within Your SELF. YOU WILL BE ANSWERED.


    IN THE BALANCE : a Time of FEMA CAMPS. Of Organ Supply Business Camps, Pedophile Children Slave Business Camps, Sex - Male , Female & all Kinds a gender I.D. - Camps ; All run by this new shitcan government, Setting Themselves up as our 'OWNERS' with myriad ways to feed upon Human Beings. So, That Is What We Are Watching Emerge From Within Our Midst ... Demonic Worms. with unHoly appetites. While this Replicant Elite N.W.O. gleefully Act Out their Biggest Wet Dreams Upon 'us' - MIND PARASITES of a low rate power they Are. FEEDING ON OUR PLANET AND US.


  • Be careful with leaked documents and emails. It is known disinformation technique to leak fake evidence to discredit the entire prosecution. We should focus on top-down evidentiary results, and less on bottom-up pieces of evidence.

    They are making kids wear masks, meaning they believe there is threat of a virus, but they allow kids to wear masks that manufactures say don't protect from viruses. Its game over for them.

    They might leak BS evidence with fake scientific facts, just so they can try and laugh off the entire prosecution. If we get trapped on this planet with them enslaving us, we should rely on mutually assured destruction and reset life on the planet.

  • Christians repent and get busy and active. Quit sitting there. Stand up and pray and get busy in life. Run for office and speak out. Get others involved and invite the lost chosen to come to Christ!

  • I have been telling people for years to take your cash out of the bank and shut the damn TV off, but no listens. This is why people are scare of everything.

  • I have been telling people for years to take your cash out of the bank and shut the damn TV off, but no listens. This is why people are scare of everything.

  • Every State should receive these letters and Every Mayor and Governor. It’s time Citizens are So Informed they cannot hide like cock roaches. Thank You

  • God Bless you for bringing this forth. With your millions of viewers, I think we may be able to start to turn the corner before a LOT OF CHILDREN ARE KILLED.

  • This video does not play. It started ok, then it stopped and did not continue no matter what I do.

  • I love Dr David Martin- a true hero. He is so amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you Dr Martin ! You are Hods angel along with Stew Peters

  • Karen Kingston said earlier that she believes the trans gender is part of the robotics trans human initiative to "own" people. They need to legalize "its"- they are not caring about the disturbia people have with confusion on their identity - the predator elites have another agenda- to legalize owning people in future so they need "things" to be part of isemtity - aka bringing in the trans human/robots

  • This is what we have been asking for-finally a viable plan to take down this pandemic and those behind it!!! Dr. Martin’s work is incredible and must be pushed forward to completion! Please keep this a red hot issue and not get sidetracked! we must support this effort~how.when and where? let’s go!!!

  • Lauren, you are so inspirational. You're one of my heroes.

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