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FAKE MAGA Communist RINO Republicans are America First IMPOSTERS!
Oct 14, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



NAMING NAMES! We MUST expose those that use politics for personal gain, leverage of power and treat our country like a professional wrestling match as they grift and embrace the "Hollywood celebrity" status, rather than doing the PEOPLE'S WORK!

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  • Teddy your awesome. I don't support the GOP pick, but I judge on character - not whether he has kids or not. There is dead beat dads who had kid's, and left them penniless. You got my vote by your actions however.

  • I served too and no one served their country, a country founded by members of secret societies for the romish papacy. The international kaba planned and financed the assasination of JFK and the lesson the present and future kings of the earth should of learned is if you don't go to vatican city to bow and kiss the popes ring then the military order of the jesuit assasins will destroy your career and/or your life. More over than that, this generation is feeling the wrath of the almighty as prophecied to include the mark of tte beast warp speed DNA altering via crispr technology and who ever declines the beast mark will be eliminated and the believers in Christ shall recieve life enternal in the new earth and new jerusalem. This judgement is rolling out now and cannot be stopped for if God did not spare Sodom who never heard the gospel of Christ then neither will this generation be spared who heard the gospel and refused the truth in love hence God will send them a strong delusion that they believe the lies and be condemned to the lake of fire for all eternity. This is what fathers should learn and teach his family and not how to make the beast war machine that crushes and robs the other nations of their resources. call upon the Lord for salvation before its too late but if youve already taken the mark jab to save your life this message is not for you.

  • RINO test: Any congress person that blamed Trump for the Jan 6 staged event is a RINO. Even Ted Cruz caved!

  • Get real, Trump is a Rino. He is the consummate actor. He pushed the whole agenda with the shut down and Fauci from the beginning!!! He also used executive orders at his whim which is unconstitutional. Wake up!

  • Government for the people has been the illusion for years. It's government for the corporations unfortunately. The government is not the problem, the problem is we the people keep participating in the government. STOP THE VOTE for both republican and democrats and see what happens.

  • I will say a fervent prayer for this man that he is SAFE from any "ACCIDENTS" and that he wins his seat for the American people! God bless Teddy Daniels.


  • Where can I find a list of exactly who these FAKE MAGA Communist RINO Republicans America First IMPOSTERS are? If we’re going to vote them out we need to have a list of them to take with us to the voting booths. I want everyone to know exactly who these fakes are so we don’t get fooled by the really smooth talking ones!!! Please post a list for us!!! Thanks!

  • Donald Trump is Jesus Christ. We will return to God's Country. Many have been robbed of their common sense. No man can bring down each country's wealth, Royals, and clear the tunnels from the satanic killings of so many children but Jesus Christ. Donald Trump did this.

  • 5,000 pages is crazy. They would get more positive bills past if they had a limit on pages. How about 10 pages max.

  • Stew I vote for you. You will win easy if there is not any fraud.

  • This is The most important topic of the moment yet not many people are interested.

  • So where’s the story?

  • Your videos are spot on Steww, but please ask your web manager or whoever to stop the peripheral background moving colours, it's infuriating. Might be clever graphics but unnecessary and off-putting.

    Paul H

  • They are not Rinos. They are in on it as well.

  • Out government is out of control they use our tax dollars like a thief that stole our credit card!they spend our tax dollars on BS.

  • have to fix voting system thts why we cant change anything untill one american one vote

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