Game Over: Genocide Exposed, Murderous Commies Desperate to Silence Truth
Jan 04, 2022

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


We live in an age of censorship, and if you’re willing to say anything that our elite rulers don’t like, it’s just a matter of time before you get censored. This isn’t about “facts” or “misinformation.” It’s about political power and control. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Dr. Fauci has been a massive bestseller this fall, but there’s been a near-media blackout of the book. Do not criticize your God Dr. Fauci. That’s the narrative and they will defend it to the bitter end. Tony Lyons is RFK Jr.’s publisher. H’s publicly challenging critics to find factual errors in the book. He joins us.

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  • Get Robert F. Kennedy Jr's book, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, for FREE, from here:

  • THIS IS THE (only) WAY: There is a solution to big tech censorship — but no politician will touch it:

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. is absolutely right, and as far as it's concerned all Kennedys are right.

  • Demons like Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Finestein...for starters I doubt very much Any were actually Elected fairly but are there thru and act of 'Fraud', which is Why they 'Block Transparency' which is what Pelosi said they wanted...'We were waking up, and there 'Word Magic Failed when We starting demanding answers concerning Election Fraud and the usual just recounting the votes was Not enough, that's when the 'Shit hit the Fan' and we said We wanted a full Audit the Democrats knew that Happen or they would All '@#$#%^$*&&^...' Pelosi and Demonic planned on Legally Murdering many of us and call it an Insurrection...'Instead the were so 'Peaceful they 'Planned a Insurrection and Coached the Patriot to join in...'Now the 'Truth is coming out and We have the 'Most Vile Dangerous Murderous Evil Demonic Monsters, Prarade around wearing $3,000.00 Tailored Suit and $15,000.00 Rolex's while Destroy and stealing Our and Our children's Inheritances and to Cover it up they are going to Mass Murder us and enslave Our Children...'Every Word I say is True, that is the 'Nightmare We the People...are waking up to ! 'Enough Talk, and asking for Proof you are Fucking Idiots if are still taking and Listening ! They Believe We are really So Stupid Any thing they We Believe, Will You still be saying on 'Death Bed' as take and Kill your Children right in front of You, and you are to far gone to do Anything about it...You are an 'Idiot, Coward or Both !'

  • At minute 13 the guy calls for congressional hearings. That isn't how our government works. Congress makes laws, Judicial branch interprets, judges, and sentences people who break them. We do not need congressional hearings. We need court hearing.

  • So society created a concept to handle situations exactly like this. Its called courts. We have a whole judicial system to resolve issues just like the ones we are facing. We have millions of people all tuned in focusing on these problems and we haven't been able to present the claims in court yet. We can even build new courts to use as a people if we want.

  • The vaxx are thinning the herd of the most gullible people in society. Fentanyl is an helping as well. Google profits from the agenda.

  • The Vaxxes are doing a good job of thinning the herd of the most gullible people. The owners can censure or ban what ever they want. People aren;' complaining about their Tv stations.

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